Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A quick and simple breakfast

This bento took me a few minutes to put together. Even so, it wasn't quick enough for a very hungry girl one morning. While preparing it, I had to give her a small bowl of cereal as she waited, impatiently. I love the effect of the jam peeking through the heart. I've seen it for years on blogs, but just never did it. Such a design is most likely inspired by jam-filled cookies. Using my egg cutter with the cracked shell imprint, I drew Hershey's sauce on it, picking the idea up from a friend. I really admire her for drawing on the details of Anpanman and his friends at 5plus in the morning. I had trouble enough doing these few zigzags. ;) Egg-shaped sandwich has nutella in it. There was also flower ham and custard cake and some mini hamburger biscuits. They could almost pass off as macarons. Rounded it off with a glass of milk.

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