Friday, February 27, 2009

Bento #37

Today's bento has french toasts, corn kernels, salmon cheese sausages and strawberries. I seem to have lost my mojo for blog writing. Wonder when it will come back to me again. Is it because little one is in school for a longer time now, and there's really nothing interesting as compared to her kindy days? I find that I've also become lazier and do not bake a lot now. I've been wanting to bake some cream cheese cupcakes, and the recipe is staring right back at me for a few weeks now. Initially, I was missing a lemon, then I finally got that lemon, but still haven't found the energy to get it done. Hope will be more motivated next week. :)

On a happy note, looking forward to meeting the 'god'family tomorrow for T's bbq. It has been a long time since we last visited them. :)


Miz Young said...

hehehe me too..... no inspiration to blog either! No energy too hahaha

and yeah, we're all looking forward to your visit. *mwah

SIG said...

Miz Young - I miss reading your posts. See ya tomorrow.

Jori said...

Must be something in the air... I haven't blogged much lately.

Love the look of the bento boxes you have been preparing for Princess. Really looking forward to going back and seeing all of them.
You are so creative. Mine get a sandwich, and maybe some fruit & veggies in a ziploc bag.

"Great Mommy" award to you, my friend.

SIG said...

Jori - Thanks for your compliments. Yep, trying to put them together on Flickr. Come back for more. :) I'm not naturally creative... I copy others for ideas. Hehe! Or else, also helped by bento books.

Aww... thanks for the lovely award, my friend. Have missed your visits. I see that you are also very busy and have been travelling a bit. Take care. :)