Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bento #34

Had leftover vermicelli in bolognaise sauce, so heated that up, and boiled some crab sticks as well as fishballs.

Princess asked me after I finished preparing her bento...

Princess : Did you make me a pretty snack?
Me : Yes
Princess : Why?
Me : Oh, you don't like it? Well, it's ok if you don't want a pretty snack, you can exchange it with your friends, I'm sure they'd love to have it.
Princess : NO!

She actually does not like to carry a separate bag for it. She just wants to put it into her school bag but with a pretty bento, the contents will go all over the place if she did that.

Princess came home in the evening and said, I don't know how to eat the noodles. Huh? OMG, then it dawned on me! I forgot to give her a fork! :{ Poor child ate everything else except the pasta.


Miz Young said...

hahahahha I think poor mommy is still feeling under the weather! no fork? hehehehe And she's too cute!

Angeleyes said...

hahahaa! Sometimes we can be forgetful! That's why sometimes it is good to have bento boxes where spoon/fork comes together in the box.

SIG said...

Miz Young - Ya I know, this mummy is sick in the head as well as throat.

Angeleyes - Ya, I know. But after cleaning also must remember to put back haha!

karlsfoodie said...

haa ilike the part where she said: I don't know how to eat the noodles

so cute!

SIG said...

karls - Haha, ya!

Annie Q said...

Hi SIG, thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

Another nice bento blog for me to get the idea. I love all your bento box, so pretty.