Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bento #26

I borrowed a book from a friend the other day, and decided to try out the methods used in cutting shaped mini sausages. Very pleased with how the crab turned out, and octopus is pretty easy to do. Made some bowl-shaped pizza bread and princess said it was yummy. She didn't like the corn kernels though, as I had mixed in a bit too much butter.


Shazz said...

ooo...i love the sotong! so cute

ganache-ganache said...

Hey, I noticed you always pack hot & cold food together, do you wait for the hot food to cool before you pack it into the same bento box with your cold fruits ? What time do you pack them since Princess's snack time is at 3pm ? Do you put the bento box into a cooler bag ? It last in our hot weather ?

SIG said...

shazz - Haha, cute right?

ganache-ganache - Well, ya, I let the hot food cool down first and sometimes take the fruits out early to get them to room temperature. I use anti-bacterial sheets over the food, not sure if it really works. But ya, it should be ok once you don't put hot hot food to keep for so many hours. I do not put into cooler bags, unfortunately as it'll add more weight for her to carry on top of her heavy school bag and water bottle.