Monday, February 2, 2009

Potato Salad

I know I owe someone a recipe for the potato salad that I made in December. Sorry about that. I don't have the exact measurements but these are the ingredients that go into it.

1. Potatoes approximately 3 big ones. Boil and peel off skin, then cut into small bite-sized pieces.

2. Back bacon - Trim off fat and fry to extract oil. Cut up meat into small pieces and fry till brown and crisp. Set aside.

3. Brown onion - approximately half, diced.

4. Celery - 1 stick, diced.

5. 2 hardboiled eggs, chopped up.

6. Chives or spring onions, chopped into bits.

7. Mayonnaise

8. White or black pepper, and salt to taste.

9. Mix everything in with potatoes and top off with bacon bits.


Carrie said...

Hi Daily Affairs,

Thank you for the potatoe salad recipe! Much appreciated!


SIG said...

Carrie - No problem... you're most welcome... sorry it took so long. :P