Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Have you heard of Gobi? Well, a friend mentioned it in passing and I didn't bother about it. All I knew was that they have a shopfront in Katong Mall but they do not sell cakes off the counter. You need to pre-order and collect there.

We were handed this box of cake from uncle and aunt who can't consume them so lucky us got to try it.

I love the box with angel wings. To know more about the shop, visit here.

Have the pictures spoken to you? Well, yes the cake was gorgeous and all, but for me, I found it too sweet. I'm not sure of the mousse on the top, but it was basically a green tea-flavoured cake. The chocolate surrounding the cake was very delicate. Wow, I really admire these chefs who can do artwork like that.


ganache-ganache said...

Wow, cool ! I've heard about Gobi from Straitstimes some time, their cakes are very unique, have totally slipped my mind about this shop, will chk out their Central Mall branch on my next trip.

daphne said...

i havent heard abt gobi before but it sure caught my attention! Looks different frm other sorts of cakes tooo!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Looks like some expensive dessert. Guess we will have to pay for the chef's hard work (art work) in creating this gorgeous.

SIG said...

ganache-ganache - Yes, apparently there have been write-ups about them. Ya, check out their Central Mall outlet. I've not been.

daphne - Ya, me too never heard. And yes, lots of gorgeous stuff huh?

lcom - You bet! I've been told they are very costly. You have to pay a price for the intricate work for sure. :)

shoppingmum said...

Aiyo, suddenly I feel so hungry. LOL! I have a soft spot for cakes, especially pretty ones.