Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bento #38

This was hastily put together before we left for ballet yesterday. I had actually bought a packet of vegetarian beehoon for Princess and I for breakfast. However, she wasn't in the mood to eat beehoon. I still needed her to have her lunch as it was a rushed day for us. And truth be told, I couldn't wait to use the Mickey, Minnie, and friends pasta. I had bought her a piece of kueh lapis which I cut into smaller pieces. This was consumed in the cab after class, while on the way to pick up hub. We were rushing off to the Science Centre, thereafter to the godparents' place for a bbq. We were given free tickets to the Science Centre and the magic show, but in the end, what we spent on cab fare was far more than the cost of the free tickets. Blame it on the rain, and a very silly surcharge at Nicholl Highway of $2 at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon. Quite mad at that, as it was totally unnecessary to go that way. The cab driver was using it as a shortcut to enter the ECP. Was mad, but it wasn't totally his fault. He hadn't known about the ERP charges. It used to be free to enter. And the worst part was that we all had a miserable time there (at the Science Centre), especially dear Princess, who was in tears half the time. It was way too crowded to have any fun as people were in your face all the time, and she got her foot stomped on by a little girl who didn't apologize to her. Oh well, just another of those days.

Her bento consisted of pasta, some vegetarian char siew, crispy fried bean sticks or whatever they are called, some cabbage, carrots using my new mushroom cutter (which is a cookie cutter I had come across in the market in the morning), kueh lapis, strawberry, and 2 little Japanese snacks of a little girl and boy. I couldn't resist getting those little snacks because of the packaging. How cute! The little 'hands' tongs were from McDonald's in Perth, collected on our last trip there. They give them when you order a pasta dish for kids. Princess loves to use them once in a while with her pasta.

Have a great weekend!


Peony said...

I saw the japanese crackers just yesterday at PPark!

hey, don't send me 'running' to Perth to collect the cute tongs leh, heehee.

think those fried beansticks r vegetarian goose/duck?

SIG said...

Peony - You did? So cute, right? Haha, you are so funny. I'll get sis to check if they are still selling them in Perth, ok? Then you don't need travel so far for nothing lol. Oh yes, thanks regarding the veg goose thingy. :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

The Japanese snacks are really cute!

Angeleyes said...

Where did you get those Mickey pasta? Disneyland? :P

I think I want one of those thongs too! I'm going to bug my aunt to buy a kid pasta meal now! hahahaa

SIG said...

lcom - Ya, agree, that's why cudn't resist them. :P

Angeleyes - No, not disneyland haha... at Da Paolo in Singapore. Ya, get your aunt to check if they still have those tongs.