Monday, March 2, 2009

Bento #39

I made rice balls today - one with sakura denbu as flavouring, and I added some corn kernels to it; one with seaweed flakes which I put sausages in it, as well as the last one flavoured with cod roe which also has sausages in the middle. I made quite a lot of rice, and was wishing KY or P stayed nearby so I could pass them the rest. In the end, I gave them to a neighbour. The kids do not like Jap food so I'm trying to change their opinion of it. They have been conditioned by their mum to think that Jap food = raw food. Well, when we met the boy while waiting for the kids' school buses, he told me that he loved the rice balls! Wow, that was great news. :D


Miz Young said...

Yes, me too... me wish we live closer.... me wish me eat all yummy food u make.... me wish me eat yummy cakes u bake hehhehe

Little Corner of Mine said...

Your rice balls are cute! I tried to make easy rice ball as snack for my girl the other day. But I forgot to wrap it with cling wrap and the rice turned hard. She didn't touch the rice balls at all, I guess she didn't like the filling of vegetarian floss and furikake.

Angeleyes said...

That's a good idea to wrap the rice balls. I think those Japanese don't wrap it with clingy wrap since their rice is very sticky so won't dries up I supposed?

Anyway, I have not had a chance to 'bring' out bento with rice balls out of the house!