Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bento #42

This is the last bento of the term for school. I might do a few in-between for home, so will not be updating bento on a daily basis from now. I get a break of 3 months, yippee, but back to it again in July. :) Hopefully have more ideas then.

This bento was done in a hurry. I didn't even plan to do one in the first place, but had nothing 'instant' (such as buns) for her so had to prepare something quick and think on the spot. It was right after we got home for ballet with about 1/2hr to spare before the arrival of a friend and baby to visit at our home. It was lovely seeing H again and getting to meet dear baby A. Can't wait for her to be back again in Sep so we can spend more time together then.

M said the two guys in the box look like hantu (ghosts) :( I guess they do look like. But that wasn't the plan. I didn't know what to do with them. Wish I have the lovely bear cutter too, as wanted to do bear peeking out. Unfortunately I don't.

If you are wondering what is making the men stand up tall, it's the use of two thin pieces of vermicelli holding them up from behind. The cheese was all soft and lying down so decided to do that. I also made bunny apples for the first time. It sounds easy but I wasted a few pieces of apples when trying to slice them after making a 'V'. I found some beautiful organic young corns with their husks on at the bottom, from NTUC and it's one veg that princess loves and I thought they look cute. Couldn't resist getting a pack. :) Hamburger gummy was a reward from ballet teacher. Well, frankly speaking, I am not very pleased that she gives them lollies and sweets every week. I did offer to give stickers for them to give out, but they think the kids will be happier with sweets after all their hard work in class. Oh well.


Maya Yunos said...

lol@hantu!! I was thinking of gingerbread boy :) And yes, I shifted! :D

SIG said...

Maya - Hi, miss seeing you around. Happy to see you again. :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hahaha, I thought it was two ghosts peeking out too.

shoppingmum said...

Wow, I learned a good tip here. LOL! I always let them lie down, but now I know how to make them "stand" up.

Angeleyes said...

Yeah, guess we need to put tooth picks to make those cheese stand coz the weather here just sooooo humid! The cheese I have here melt even before I start taking photos!

SIG said...

lcom - Hahaha! You too!

shopping mum - Wow, I learnt it from those Japanese blog links thru your blog, etc. I figured since they use spaghetti to hold things in place, we could use them to hold them up too. :)

Angeleyes - Oh tell me about it! Maybe we should freeze our cheeses lol!