Sunday, March 22, 2009

Complaints, complaints & surprises (the all-in-one post)

Gosh my blood is boiling. I know, it's Lent, I should try to be more forgiving. Unfortunately, argh, even though I know who the culprit is, I can't confront them without evidence! We just got home a little while ago and saw some little black creepy crawlies, and if you know me by now, I hate those little things. Hubby saw two climbing along our door frame and then when I went to throw out some rubbish, I found to my shock, that someone had left a cake box with the cake base and leftover cream and cake beside the bin area. That is what they are coming for! Sometimes I do hate these common rubbish bins. Granted, it's better than having your own within your house, because we don't get cockroach or rat problems that way. Still, people need to be more considerate. The whole area stinks, as not only have they put the cake box there, they have also thrown some bags of rubbish (foodstuff) along with that! Argh!!!! Why are some people so lazy they can't even open the chute and dump stuff in?? It's not like they need to physically pull it open, they just need to use their foot on the pedal! If they are that lazy, they do have a helper!!!


Little people are people too.

How many times have you been to a restaurant and the little people aren't given menus? Somehow they are always invisible and only adults can be seen. Also when in a queue, I've seen adults ignore kids and cut the queue or the service staff totally ignores them. We experienced that today when princess went to order a cake at a coffee joint. She came back without her cake and said that the lady didn't see her, and didn't want to go back again to get it. I think what could have happened was that she must have served the person behind princess. It takes a lot of effort on a kid's part to have that much courage to go independently to do stuff. I've always taught her from a very young age to be independent and not be shy. She is still struggling a little with it but on the whole she's doing a good job.


On a brighter note, so pleased to catch this beautiful sight last evening from my kitchen window. I love rainbows. I remember one year we went to Hawaii and there were rainbows every day. What a pretty, awesome sight!


Friend told me that she had sent this over in the beginning of the week. I'm so pleased that it took 5 days to arrive. Love all the stuff she sent especially the face punchers, and the fork & spoon one which I can't find at all in Singapore. She even got the sausage cutters! And so kind of her to get those Happy Birthday candles as well. Yippee! I do so wish that the 100 yen shop will find its way to our shores soon. Thanks very much, girlfriend. :D

These were some of the bento boxes that she got from 100 yen. Love them all. :)

I love how compact they become when they are folded up.

Here's another gift from another friend...

I sprinkled some hello kitty seaweed on princess' dinner last evening, and made her a Japanese curry which she's currently in to. I wouldn't even call it curry, it wasn't even a tiny bit spicy haha.

We had chicken nasi briyani which I had bought from my hawker centre in the afternoon. Was a good move, as it rained very heavily in the late afternoon, so we didn't need to go out to get food. Hubby enjoyed it and it was very reasonably priced at $3 a packet. Where can you get a nice packet of nasi briyani at that price these days??

Have a good week ahead. For me, I'm looking forward to being on my own again during the day. :)


Peony said...

I love those foldable sandwich boxes so much. After 'makan' just fold n pack especially when travelling.
I carry one everywhere I go now. In case need a box ma, heehee.

Miz Young said...

Wahhhh that's a whole log of blogging in one go hehehehhe!!

Seems like Xmas week for you - so many new stuff! I want them too but alas, who can I use them for? tsk tsk
The only thing is that the Birthday candles look nice but cannot light them up coz before you can sing the song, the words are all wonky heheheh

Briyani looks so nice, me want too!!

Sigh, back to 6am alarm clock tomorrow..... at least I'll see you next Sunday *mwah!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Just use their foot on the pedal also lazy? Now, that I don't understand, since they live here too. Why so inconsiderate?

It sure take courage for little one to go buy food/stuff on her own, and got ignore, unbelievable!

You mean that plate of nasi briyani with that big piece of chicken only costs $3? Now that's cheap.

SIG said...

Peony - I've been wanting them for the longest time, and it's all your fault, cos I saw them first on your blog. Hahaha! I finally have two now. SO so happy. :) Yes, very convenient, after eating just collapse them. Hehe.

Miz Young - Hehe, just letting it all out. :P Ooo... yes, like X'mas in March haha. Unfortunately you don't have much use for them. Oh haha, I did have those candles once, the ones you mentioned. Not sure if these are better although they do look like they won't melt so fast. Hahaha, must sleep early again. :)

lcom - I don't know, just can't understand how people think. Yes, yes, very cheap, right? I couldn't even finish the rice, it was that much.

paw paw said...

First the rainbow....saw that too. It was the orange sky that made me pop my head outta window to look see.
Next .. I am contantly on the alert mode when it comes to crawlies of any form. I have different ways & methods to attack each species. *haha*
Yr briyani's cheap...It comes wz that piece of meat too right...good deal.

thinkingmama said...

Hi, just wondering are you staying in the bukit panjang/ fajar area? I saw the same rainbow when I was visting my frd. Are do all rainbows look the same? :)

SIG said...

paw paw - Yes, gorgeous, wasn't it? Eh, teach me how to deal with each and every crawlie... maybe u do a post on them. Haha. And yes, briyani with that piece of chicken, worth it right??

thinkingmama - Haha, no I don't live there but I guess you can see it over all of Singapore. :) Hmm... I don't know if they all look the same, I guess pretty much. It all depends on how sharp the colours appear and this one has very clear colours you could make out all 7 of them. :)

Beau Lotus said...

I shudder when I think of having ants again now that spring is here...and it's worse in Singapore, we have them all year round. Arrgh. Those people are indeed really inconsiderate.

On a brighter note, some friend you have out there, you'll be able to make even more interesting bentos for Princess now :-). Talk about bento art...

daphne said...

Oh dear.. Princess shld be given a chance and not be ignored!

and that is a very pretty rainbow too! And a VERY very adorable bento box!!

Angeleyes said...

Those hello kitty nori are so cute!
Great that your friends can help you get those stuff from 100 yen but I always thought that Daiso has more varieties.

On your rant about those inconsiderate people who threw rubbish outside the chute... I came across that many times when I was staying in HDB... even new estate. Some people are just so liddat... don't know how to describe them also.

And your poor girl... some service staff can be really blur and some people (those in the Q) can be so rude... I think Asians still have a long way to go to be considered as 'courteous'. Imagine the gov has such campaign running... :P

HK Choo said...

Crawlies, eww...think those lazy folks need an automatic button then?

Hmmph, I would have gone to the counter and confront the person for equal service to 'lil people :)

Rainbows, very nice..we do get that here quite often of late, in fact, twice we saw double-rainbow within that same week. Double as in two arches within a distance from each other :P

It sure looks like Christmas-in-Lent to me :D

As for the candles, can try popping them into the freezer first before using so that they won't melt as fast...haven't try them myself tho, just remember I read that somewhere :)

SIG said...

beau lotus - I really can't stand them too. :( And yes, lucky me I have some nice friends, you included of course. :) Well, I'll try make some soon. :P

daphne - Agree. :)

Angeleyes - You know Angel, the grass is always greener on the other side? Haha, but from some blogs I see that 100 yen has got more varieties. I guess it depends on which state of M'sia you're in? Maybe KL has bigger stores and what I read is each store is franchised by a different person?

And tell you what, the new estates are the worst! I think it's beneath these young folks to go near the rubbish bin, not that I'm old, but I'm not inconsiderate.

Agree, Asians need to be educated more.

HK Choo - Sigh, I don't know. How can anyone be so lazy?

Well, I don't know what the actual situation was but hubby went back with her and she joined the queue again. He just went to watch over her.

Wow, double rainbows!! Two pots of gold! Hehe.

Yes, yes, Christmas-in-Lent hahaha. And thanks for the idea, will try the freezer trick. :)

Shazz said...

wow...that was a beautiful rainbow!I've never ever seen a rainbow in Singapore before...lots here though but I'll never get tired of seeing them :)

SIG said...

Shazz - You are absolutely right. Rainbows are something that you will never get sick of seeing, even if they appear every day.

Mochachocolata Rita said...

oh gosh...i hate hate hate creepy crawlies! these people are unbelievable. you know what, in indonesia, people are even more amazing. in my sister's building, people are lazy to walk the few meters to get to the rubbish "room", they left their rubbish in front of their door, or even worse, in front of other ppl's door! aren't they just amazing???!!! ARRRRGGGHHHH

SIG said...

Rita - What??? Right in front of their own door??? Gosh, that is disgusting! They can tahan the smell and roaches???

javapot said...

i've seen the pink bento box but not the grey and yellow one...interesting (wondering which 100yen shop your friend gets it from). tks for sharing your loot - its always great to porn for more accessories!!!

SIG said...

javapot - Hi there, tks for dropping by. The grey one is from her own private collection which she gave me. Where do u live in Malaysia? I'll check with her.