Friday, April 3, 2009

Bentos, etc... (comprising bento #45, 46)

Hello there, I'm back again with some updates. I haven't been doing bentos much lately so haven't been in the mood to post. The good news is that the princess is enjoying her catered food in school, but she says she'll be back to bento in July after the term break. So meanwhile, I do them on and off but not the full meal like those I make for her to take to school. For the set below, I think it was given to her for lunch as the school snack for that day was only a chocolate muffin. Actually, the truth was that I couldn't wait to use the pink cherry bento box. :P I tried out the penguin sausage cutters sent over by friend, and maybe because I used the mini sausages, the imprint came out really weird-looking. The tulip one turned out better as shown in bento #46.

Bento #45 -

Bento #46 -

I tend to pack her a little bun for her to eat on the way home. As we are not allowed into the school, I really have no idea what she eats each day. However, she mentioned the other day, that they are allowed seconds and thirds with their food, so at least I know she's eating ok. She also said she had 5 slices of honeydew one day, haha, my little fruit bat.

I thought this plate was very cute and just had to take a photo of it. We had lunch at Hooked at Rail Mall last Sunday and this was what she ordered. I think the only reason she ordered this dish was because in the menu, there was a caption that said... 'the parents don't get it', much like the UOB Lady's card slogan, get it?!

Oh yes! Was with the girls at Sanrio Harbourfront outlet and there happened to be some lucky dip happening. We decided to try our luck and look what I won?? Couldn't be more pleased. :D

I made some onigiri for princess' lunch today, together with some crabsticks which I lightly fried in some batter. Actually the intention was to prepare a bento for myself since I was going to the hospital for my regular check-up. I tend to go early and do my blood test, then have lunch and wait to see the doctor.

This is princess' lunch which she had before she left for school. I also gave her some mangoes and strawberries after.

This is my portion. :) One of the onigiri contained salmon flakes and the other had ground black sesame powder and a piece of batter-fried crabstick within. Below is my fruit portion.

All contained within this very beautiful Hello Kitty cooler bag.

I picked up this pair of dinosaur cutters from Daiso. Aren't they cute?


Shazz said...

We've got choc chip hot cross buns here...they're yummy-licious!!!!!!! Move here & make bentos for me everyday!!!

Peony said...

I agree that the penguin cutter comes out weird imprint. Mine last time looked like 'fingers'

oh, the dino cutters from Daiso may rust. So do dry them well before putting away if u wash them.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Love the cooler bag! It's great to be lucky at the lucky draw, it's a Hello Kitty containers too.

SIG said...

Shazz - Wow, it sounds yummy. I also want to move to Perth. Got job there or not for hubby? :P

Peony - Thanks for your advice. After opening, I found that the material wasn't that good and it's pretty sharp. And yes, since it wasn't great, I didn't take the risk. I dried them immediately. Penguin looked like fingers? Hahaha!

lcom - I love the bag too and ya, so lucky right? It's glass containers! :D

Angeleyes said...

I also think that fish plate is so unique!

I bought the sausage cutters too but have yet to try them out as my hubby is not too pleased with me serving our boy with too much processed food.

And I must say you are real lucky to have won those HK containers!!