Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lunch - 7.4.09

There is no significance to the date above. It's just that I have no inspiration to think of a title and that's how I came up with that. :) Had planned to go to PP for a nice, steaming hot, bowl of ban mian. Unfortunately, dear princess wasn't in the mood to go out. Thought it'd be nice to eat out since hubby is working from home today. But on the other hand, thank goodness we didn't, as a thunderstorm arrived soon after I came back from market with the fishball noodles.

Seeing that the menu for today is only ham bun, I decided to feed princess well before she left for school. Bought her bee tai mak which she likes, and added some dried seaweed to the soup. Also got two little pieces of fried fish wanton as a side dish. Yesterday's menu mentioned that they were having nasi lemak, but when she came home, she said they were only given brownie & fruits. :(

For hubby's lunch, I made him a sandwich with the panini bread given by AG. I still have 2 pieces in the fridge to finish up. Didn't realize how big they were, so, greedy me had asked for 6 pieces, but thank goodness they only packed 4. :P

For the filling, I boiled some prawns which I then sliced into half, and together with a boiled egg, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo, I made up the sandwich. In the background are slices of Chinese pear to complete the meal.


Little Corner of Mine said...

It's great that your hubby would eat sandwich for lunch. My hubby wants rice with dishes for lunch and dinner (if I cook), he only eat sandwich for snack.

SIG said...

lcom - Hahaha, of course he can. He is ang moh!

Angeleyes said...

Just now I was reading some of the bento books and my hubby was next to me so I casually said 'I make bento for you ok?' and he said 'Don't waste time!' *sigh* He thinks I 'jiak-pau-sioa-eng' = EFNBTD :P

SIG said...

Angeleyes - Lol!