Thursday, April 9, 2009

Top of the World (+ bento #48)

My girl woke up this morning, gave me a very big, tight hug and said, 'the person I love most in the whole wide world is Mummy!'. What a way to start off the day. :D

Poor child came home after school yesterday feeling totally miserable. She didn't have much of an appetite the past two nights, but I made her eat her dinner. I guess it should have been a sign that she wasn't feeling too well. So last evening, I thought in order to cheer her up and entice her to eat, I'd make her a bento. I spent a great deal of time on it (not that it looks fantastic or anything), and guess what? She came home with a running nose, and didn't want to eat much. She only had the salmon sausages, the young corn, and the tomatoes. That's it! I was livid because of all the time spent on the preparation, but yet I couldn't blame her. I gave her a dosage of Dimetapp and by 8.30pm she was asleep. She had a great rest and woke up much better this morning. Her running nose seems to have stopped for now, but I can't risk her getting sick, as the next few days is a busy time for us. School lets them off at 5pm today so we're off to church, followed by Stations of the Cross tomorrow. The weekend is also chock-a-block full with ballet, parties, Easter, etc. Just hope she'll recover enough to enjoy it.

In last evening's bento, there was fried bee hoon, siew mai bunnies (quite ugly... haha), salmon sausages, young corn umbrella, a basket of greens (broccoli) in a tomato base with spots of flowers (carrots), 2 cherry tomato ladybugs, and a basket handle made from a strip of carrot. For fruits, she had mangoes. Needless to say, she polished off those mangoes no problem. Oops, anyone spotted the mistake I made with the leaf picks? I put them on upside down in a rush. No wonder they were too short and didn't stick in properly haha. I love my hamburger bento box which I'm using for the first time. :)


Shazz said...

bento looks nice. btw, just found out white flour & tomatoes are bad for arthritis sufferers, and ginger is good =)

SIG said...

Shazz - Oh, tks for letting me know. :)

Angeleyes said...

i this the first time you using the leaf picks? :P

Btw, I like the Burger bento box!! you got it form the online store??

SIG said...

Angeleyes - Lol, no not first time, kan cheong lah, in a hurry cos girl waiting to shower. I got from a shop here, not online. :P