Friday, April 17, 2009

Bento #55 & product review - char kuay teow

Hubby had an outing with his mates last evening which I totally forgot about. The pain in my joints were quite severe yesterday and I really had no mood at all to do anything, much less cook. So when I was reminded of his not coming home for dinner, I was filled with joy. It meant that I only needed to prepare a simple dinner for the child. For myself, there was a portion of lor mai kai in the fridge which I had bought from the pau shop two days before. :D I boiled some pasta which I then made a sauce with instant soup from the pouch, boiled some crabsticks, made a flower ham (first time doing it and it turned out very pretty), washed some cherry tomatoes & strawberries and voila, dinner was ready!

For my lunch, I tried out this instant char kuey teow which piqued my interest when I spotted it at the Korean shop. It looks nice & all, but really, was pretty disappointed with the taste. It tasted nothing like it looked. Guess I won't be getting more packets.

The interior was pretty impressive with everything in individual packets.

The seasonings which included fried garlic bits (too much of those).

I added a few fishballs & a poached egg to the dish. Apologies for the very gross-looking end product. :P


Little Corner of Mine said...

Wow, didn't know got instant fried kway teow these days. But I still think fried kway teow needs to be fried to bring out the flavor.

SIG said...

lcom - You are right! Char kuay teow isn't char kuay teow unless fried, but thought at least taste might be there. Someone recommended a lor mee one and it tasted good, like lor mee. So thought I'd try the ckt, it's healthier than fried version. Lol.

Maya Yunos said...

E flower ham is so pretty! It would be perfect by E side of a platter of salad too!Good job!

SIG said...

Maya - You are right, Maya. Thanks. :)

Angeleyes said...

Good work with the ham! I've never even try doing one b4! heheheh

Oh yeah, that Singlong brand is from M'sia if I'm not wrong as I have a few items by them. I wonder why the Korean shop is selling them... :P

SIG said...

Angeleyes - Oh yes, do try making the ham so nice n so easy to do. I think maybe Singlong owns the Korean shop? Who knows.