Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bento #49

I'm quite pleased with today's bento. While flipping through one of my bento books, I decided to do the onigiri with an origami hat. I thought it was very cute, a great idea. The rice was seasoned with furikake, then had some corn kernels added to it, and shaped into a ball. I lightly panfried two pieces of bunny luncheon meat, and two pieces of fish fillet, to go with the rice. After cutting out the bunnies, the odds and ends of the luncheon meat were fried and then compressed within the chick-shaped rice. The core of the carrot flower is made with cucumber. I thought the bone would look cute in the fish fillet, therefore I stuck them in at the last minute.

For dessert, there were slices of Chinese pear, and some jelly made from soy. It's still sitting in the fridge because I had intended to give it to her after we got home from church tonight. However, after mass, she said she wanted to go eat sushi. Gosh! So I guess it'll have to wait till tomorrow.

This is the packaging of the jelly which I cut into bunny shapes. I had a hard time hunting this down. At last, I found it at NTUC on one of the rare occasions when I did my grocery shopping there. Miz Young introduced them to me ages ago, but I just never came across them. It comes in a pack of three with three different flavours. There's a grape, and I think a mango. I can't recall the last flavour, but it might have been lychee.


Little Corner of Mine said...

That is cute! Even a hat for the rice ball. First time seeing this type of jelly packaging too.

Angeleyes said...

I like the Japanese hat!!! I think SG still sells a lot of those Japanese craft papers. I used to collect them but I can't remember if I have given them away or still stuffed in my mom's attic! :P

I don't seemed to be able to find any here and the funny thing is, we have quite a lot of Japanese living here... they even have a school here!

The only place I found Japanese craft items is in Kinokuniya but that is KL...

SIG said...

Angeleyes - Well, you can get them from Daiso but mine are from Times bookshop. Not cheap but are two-sided so that's nice.

SIG said...
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SIG said...

lcom - Ya, unusual right the jelly packaging? Haha, ya I like the hat too. :)

HK Choo said...

Deb, got an idea of a blog post for you, if you are game for it and have the time to spare, hahha...Do a tutorial on making the origami onigiri hat. :)

It's more of a request than an idea tho, but well, take your time. :P

As for the jelly, that's a cool thing...good for the blazing hot weather these days. Doubt we have it here, only thing that resembles this that is sold here is the "grass jelly", aka "leong fun".

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