Thursday, April 16, 2009

CATS (Bento #53 - hubby's & 54 - girl's)

We attended the musical 'CATS' last evening with KY & JG. Timing was very tight as we both had to wait for the kids to come home from school before rushing out the door. KY lives like 45mins away from the Esplanade and she's really lucky to have arrived before the doors of the theatre closed. For me, we are lucky we live less than 10mins away. However, I prepared bentos for princess, hubby and myself which we needed to consume before the start of the show. We made it in good time!

However, I spent at least 2hrs on the bentos and seriously can't imagine myself doing this on a daily basis. But, I am really happy that I fulfilled what I started out to do. And am proud that the CATS logo turned out pretty well on hubby's bento. In his bento, I have placed the rice at the bottom after seasoning it with sukiyaki beef furikake (picture down at the bottom), which is super yummy, if I had put more of it in. Was afraid that it'd turn out too salty, but for future ref, will be generous with it because it really is super delicious! :P I have also placed some blanched broccoli & a piece of luncheon meat at the base.

In this layer of his bento (using the hamburger bento, which is a perfect portion for him), there are strawberries, dragonfruit & a salad I made with potatoes, corn kernels, cut-up sausages & Japanese cucumber and seasoned with mayo, garlic powder & black pepper.

For the girl, I made two little kitties to depict the characters in the musical. For the fishball cat, I cut two tiny triangular ears out from the luncheon meat & secured them with vermicelli strands. I didn't have time to beautify it further as it was time to get ready to pick her up from the bus, a quick shower & change then rush out the door. Love the metal Cinnamoroll bento.

Her dessert bento held dragonfruit & blueberry marshmallows.

The bento below is for myself. I had onigiri & a salad just like hubby's, However, I only ate the onigiri & the salad is still sitting in the fridge. I think I was too tired after the preparation of the bentos that I wasn't hungry by dinnertime.

I made some extras, for JG & for my mum, which they ate during interval.

This below is the very yummy sukiyaki beef furikake.

We did have a good evening & princess enjoyed the musical, because it is after all, about cats, which she loves. However, it was too long for her and by 10.20pm, she was complaining that she was sleepy and bugging to go home. She got a t-shirt from the merchandise shop and couldn't wait to put it on. She even wore it to sleep. ;) Thanks AG & KY for the tickets. :D


Miz Young said...

It was an enjoyable evening! Thanks for sharing it with J and me and thanks also for making the onigiri for J, he liked it very much!


Miz Young said...

oh wait, forgot to tell you that I thought the Cats bento effort was great!! Loved how you did the words too!!! and where did you get the sukiyaki beef furikake? So far I've seen and bought the chicken and fish ones only...

And we really have to "Daiso" together real soon lol

SIG said...

Miz Young - Thanks babe, glad he liked. :) Hehe, love the CATS bento. And yes, one day I will visit you and go to the Daiso in the West, ok?

javapot said...

nice 'cats' bento :)
Glad u enjoyed the musical also.

Alice said...

Oooo!!! Love your bentos!!! You really did a good job with the wordings I must say! I still hate to work with cheese... so sticky! LOL

Oh yeah, I missed all those theater works... I used to go when I was in SG.

Btw, I've not seen the beef furikake too... something new???

Susan Yuen said...

Great bentos! Love all of the cats!

SIG said...

javapot - Thanks. :) Well, I preferred it the first time I watched it. :)

Alice - Thanks Alice. Yes, it's my first time working with cheese and I had to be quick. It got soft very fast. I don't think the furikake is something new. I'm not really sure as a friend introduced it to me.

Susan - Thanks :D

Angeleyes said...

I was at 100 Yen and did not see the beef furikake though... I bought one anchovies one.

SIG said...

Angeleyes - Oh really?