Friday, March 6, 2009

Bento #41

Having been inspired by all of shopping mum's bentos, I prepped myself up to make a beautiful one for my girl, with maximum effort. My initial plan was to do a zoo bento seeing that they (the school) will be making a trip there. Unfortunately, mine ended up with a little lamb, and a bunny. Haha! There are also strawberry tulips (which I learnt from Angeleyes) & dragonfruit butterflies. What a mishmash! I think the little girl looked weird too! Haha!

I wanted to make sure that she was well-fed as I can't do a proper bento for her to take on her outing. I just spread two slices of bread with Nutella for her snack later in the afternoon.

I spent an hour on this, but of course, it included cooking the pasta, warming up leftover rice and Jap curry from dinner two nights' ago, boiling carrot, cuttlefish ball, and salmon sausages. It was pretty tough to not be able to use ham today but it did work out in the end. However, after all my effort, she left most of the rice and didn't even touch the pasta. She said she was too full. Well, she did have 2 little cups of milk in-between.

I doubt I will make this often. It really takes loads of effort. Maybe I'm not such a pro yet, that's why. ;)


Shazz said...

OH yeah i see the lambie!! Love lambs :) And love ur bentos!!! COME AND LIVE HERE!

SIG said...

Shazz - You see the lamb? Hehe. It was only after I put the eyes, mouth etc that I realized it looked like one. Too cute! I also want to go live there!!

Miz Young said...

I love love love this one! So colourful!! and since it's gonna be one of your last ones (booohooooo) I think it's pretty well done! The girl looks cute la! She does! and yeah, it is a nice FAT lamb hehehehe

SIG said...

Miz Young - Haha, thanks for your vote of confidence in me. :) And tks for the praise. Yup, last 3 next week. :(

Little Corner of Mine said...

Oh I see all the effort your put in lady, that's why I can never be as good as you. Well done!

Angeleyes said...

Wah! There was quite a huge load of stuff in that bento!

I can attest to the 'time consuming' part when we don only prepare sandwiches... heheheh when comes to pasta and rice, they definitely take more time than we thought... even reheating!

Btw, zoo also have lambs and bunnies sometimes! I think it takes time for us to build up the 'know how' and once we got the hang of it... everything will come naturally... :)

Have a good week ahead!

SIG said...

lcom - Aiyoh please lah I am not one those of those great ones haha. Just put in a bit more effort that's all.

Angeleyes - Ya lah, agree lots of stuff in the bento but she wasn't in the mood to eat. Maybe better appetite in school haha cos she finishes all the food in her bento most of the time. But need loads of practise you're right. :)