Sunday, March 8, 2009


P says I should document my bento collection. Well, I do take photos of them sometimes but not all the time. This is my recent addition to it. I was in two minds about getting the red onigiri box (which Bento Pet bought) or the beige one, so I seeked P's opinion. She preferred the beige one so I decided to get that. It goes with the green leaf strap so am pretty happy with that. I had seen in some other blogs where they used this box and thought I could use it for things other than onigiri. I didn't realize too that I didn't have the animal collection food picks. What I have is the sea collection of fish, dolphin, turtle, etc.


thinkingmama said...


May I know which Daiso did you go to?

Emily said...

Hi, Beige looks equally great! I would have got all three colors!

I managed to get both sets of the said foodpicks! and the sauce bottle set!

Peony said...

it's gd to document your purchase.
sometimes I forget what I buy/have.

I love these food picks, I got a few extra sets. I lost them easily.

they make great talking points when I used them at parties, heehee

Angeleyes said...

I can tell you, as time goes by there's all our $$$ goes to! I can't resist myself every time I stepped into Daiso. I do get carried away... most of the time!

We are supposed to be in SG this week but due to a clash with my cupcakes order both Darrius and myself can't go... *sob*

SIG said...

thinking mama - I went to IMM.

Emily - Tks for coming by. One cannot be too greedy. Hehe. Just the beige will do. No storage space in my little home. :P

Peony - Wah a few extra sets haha. I can't imagine the size of your bento accessories collection! Even I think what I have is a lot liao. :P And yes, they are great for party but sad to lose them so I don't use them haha. Only for my girl. :)

Angeleyes - Aiyoh me too get carried away. It would be good if you could come to SG. :) I go crazy at Daiso every single time. haha. Peony knows :P

Arlene said...

Hi there like your beigh onigiri box very lovely indeed! Would't mind having one too.

SIG said...

Arlene - Tks, looks like I made the right choice. :)