Friday, March 6, 2009

Bento #40

The bento above was made for school on Wednesday. I didn't have time to upload it as we were busy yesterday - having fun at Sentosa.

I needed food which could last for hours as our dear Little Miss Independent wanted to get a lift to school from her ballet teacher. She banned me from going to class and all I could do was drop her off in a cab at ballet school, and she had with her her character skirt, school uniform, school bag and ballet bag. All these to be managed by her alone. Oh gosh! Well, anway, I let her have her independence but had to remind her a few times to thank the teacher for the ride. My date cancelled on me that morning (you're forgiven S, I know you must have been suffering), but a pleasant surprise came in the form of M, who wanted to surprise S and me with her appearance. :)

Well, anyway, I wrote a note to teacher giving her the address of school and if she didn't know the way, to call me. Little Miss Independent called just before 12 and said she was arriving at school soon. Well, great... they made it!


Sophia said...

iya, so paiseh. sorry ya. i really felt like a ROBOT that day....
hey, shld be go to botanical gardens for picnic on our dates in march???

SIG said...

Sophia - Haha, s'ok. We'll arrange ok?