Sunday, July 20, 2008

Papaya & Ikan kurau Soup

That's what the inside of the green papaya looks like.

I'm out of ideas what to cook for soups for dinner so while I was at princess' swim class one day, we mums were on the topic of soups and one of them gave me the idea to make the above soup. I didn't do it immediately as it took me a while to go hunting for the green papaya needed. Just last week, I was at the veg stall, not the one I frequent, and I came across it. I picked up a small ikan kurau head as those were the 2 main ingredients which form the basis of the soup.

I was rather apprehensive in offering it for dinner but both princess and I had no problems with it. It tasted great. However, hubby didn't like it. I think he found it too fishy.

Ingredients (for 3) -

A small ikan kurau head
half a green papaya, seeds removed and cut into cubes
6 red dates
a piece of ginger approx 1/2inch (can add more ginger according to your preference)
dried scallops, approx 5-6
salt and white pepper to taste

Method -
Put everything into the pot to boil for 2hrs. Do not stir it while it's cooking in order that the fish does not disintegrate. You will end up with a messy soup otherwise. It starts off clear and ends up a milky colour. I put the dates into a stock bag so it's less messy that way. You might like to add dates halfway through cooking else the dates will break apart if boiled for too long.

Note - Apparently this soup is very beneficial to nursing mums as it helps increase milk supply.


Lore said...

This is really intriguing! I'm trying to imagine all these wondeful flavours mixed together. Going though a soup period these days :D

SIG said...

lore - Thanks for visiting. :) Ahhh, soups are good.

Shazz said...

oh good i can feed it to my ewes so the lambs can have more milk...HAHAHA!!!!

paw paw said...

I have never tasted papaya soup before...juz not a papaya fan.

Does the soup smell like papaya?

SIG said...

shazz - You can indeed. Lol, but the ewes would like fish.

paw paw - No papaya taste at all, more fishy taste.