Friday, July 11, 2008


My most absolute favourite cherries. Many years ago, I was introduced to these yellow cherries by an aunt who had gone to SFO. She brought them back and I was in love with them. They were crunchy and very sweet. I prefer them to the red ones as those tend to have a softer skin. It's lovely to get them fresh from USA as by the time they get here through other channels, they aren't that crunchy anymore. Apparently there are some good health benefits to eating them and it's supposedly good for arthritis. Now, that is a good excuse to eat them! Unfortunately they belong to the 'yang' (yin & yang) family, so consuming too much of it will lead to sore throat which I already have so now's not a good time to have them. However, I came across it a couple of days ago and couldn't resist the price tag that came with it. It was $11.90 for a good-sized packet (can't remember how much they weighed) and that was a good buy, as these little gems don't come cheap. I never have the heart to pay such a high price for them, but this time, I couldn't resist the offer.

I love summer time as all the beautiful fruits are out in season - berries, durians, Taiwan mangoes etc. But on the other hand, these are mostly 'heaty' fruits, so if you take them, do remember to drink more fluids.


Karen said...

ohhhhhhhh I LOVE CHERRIES!!!! How come none of my US relatives bring me any of these? I must complain!!!

Usually when I get cherries, I hide them or eat them before the kids get back mwhahahahahhahahahhahahaha

Cranberry said...

Wow, i would love to have those cherries! Looks juicy.. D, Expo is having a fair, Malaysia Fresh Fruits Fair started yesterday and will end this Sunday. I was there yesterday and today, bought honey pineapples, Dukong, jackfruits, dragon fruits (red flesh), assam fruits, mangoes and bananas:) They have other fruits like durians, longans, rambutans and alot more..

Little Corner of Mine said...

Cherries are expensive this year. Still waiting for it to go on sales. Yeah, this yellow cherries is even more expensive!

Beachlover said...

oh! now is cherry season in US.As I know there is few type of cherries.I like the one with red ,red black color cherry.More sweet than other color!.Good for you,enjoy it:)

daphne said...

Yellow cherries r sweeter than the red red kinds isnt it?? I love ALL of them! hehe

Mochachocolata Rita said...

i havent tried these...i normally buy those deep burgundy colored ones...lemme buy a pack and try :)

Maya Yunos said...

I love cherries! I noticed that blueberries are slowing missing in action. Now its E cherry season I guess :)

SIG said...

karen - Ahhh, that you have to ask your US cousins. But if they do bring, remember to pass some over. ;P Hahaha, sama sama, mine are also very precious to me. I ration them or else just buy them for myself. ;)

cranberry - I wouldn't have the space to store all those stuff in my fridge hahaha. Glad you had fun shopping at the fruit fair.

lcom - Wow, really? Even in the US is ex? Gosh!

beachlover - Well, you ARE lucky to be there then. To get the wide variety and the freshest. ;)

daphne - Yes, I agree. I love all cherries. Hehe, except the ones on top of ice-creams. ;)

rita - Yes, try and let us know what you think.

maya - Are blueberries missing in action? I just saw them last week. Now is DURIAN season. Lol!