Friday, July 4, 2008

Just some info

Hi ya, for those who are registering your kids for the first time, remember to make copies of all the relevant documents. I thought we only needed to make copies of our ic so had to make a small 'donation' to the infamous school bookshop to get the rest photocopied. I've been told many horror stories of the kids spending all their cash in these bookshops which stock cute little stationery items in order to lure them in. Haha. I shouldn't laugh too soon as my child will soon belong to that group, hopefully not. :P

Did my registration yesterday and got a bit of a shock as the cover of my report book did not state the branch of the school I attended. But after having flipped through the pages, they found the school code in there. Phew! Other than that, everything else was a breeze. Some forms to fill in and the online registration took a couple of minutes and we were done.


Karen said...

Lucky you! Didn't you get a certificate from the schools after PSLE and O Levels? I still have mine (not that they'll be useful anytime now! lol) The boys laughed when they saw my photos on the certs tho!

Glad it was a breeze for you.... I can still feel the anxiety I felt during Joshua's registration and balloting!!

daphne said...

It's all happening ya? Hope that went smoothly. =)

singairishgirl said...

karen - Ya, I don't know where my PSLE cert is. You know lah, moving so many times from this house to that. Lost in transition. Oh, ya lah, you should have adopted my girl so she could have gone to your school. Hehe. Tk God I didn't have to go through what you went through - balloting and such.

daphne - Yes it's started. Not a problem for me.