Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nasi Lemak

This is one food item which I am very careful not to eat too often. In fact I hardly do. I know I will suffer when I wake up the next morning and have to put up with all the pains in my joints. Coconut is a great ingredient in dishes and I do so miss being able to savour it. But between that and the pain, the latter wins. I am naughty at times, like oh what the hell, just suffer for one day. I will do it on a day or week when I feel good and am not having an attack of the joints. The same goes with tofu, which I do so love, but can now only pinch a little here and there.

For this meal, all I did was cook the coconut rice, fried an omelette and sliced up some cucumbers. The rest of the accompaniments were bought. Fried shrimp paste chicken wings from Crystal Jade Kitchen; otah from Lee Wee Brothers (I usually go for the Mackeral Otah at Joo Chiat but I didn't bother to do so today); and ready ikan bilis sambal by Woh Hup. I served them on banana leaves which I was given months back and had them in the freezer.

The portion below was for princess. In place of spicy otah, I got her the non-spicy kids' version.

This was the sambal which I tried. It wasn't too bad.


petite fleur said...

Oh nasi lemak is my favorite. I can eat this for breakfast, lunch & dinner....yum this I miss very much.

HK Choo said...

nice meal :)

SIG said...

petite fleur - Oh wow, but you can cook it there too ya? I guess the most important ingredient is the coconut milk. Once you have that the rest is easy, except you might have to make own sambal and otah. :)

hk choo - Thanks. :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Such convenience with the bottled sambal ikan bilis ya? I soooo love nasi lemak too!

petite fleur said...

It's the side dishes that I can't get or the ingredients to make it - the deep fried small fish (what's that called?), otak (I tried making it once but not very sucessful), sambal ikan bilis....sigh how to have nasi lemak without these

Mochachocolata Rita said...

i love nasi lemak very much! i can eat it with anything...hmmm fried chicken...stopppp almost lunch time...i cant handle it anymore hehehe

SIG said...

lcom - Indeed! And I like it too. You can eat it with almost everything hehe.

petite fleur - Ooo.. the kuning, yes I believe you won't be able to get it there. You can't get ikan bilis too? And maybe try another otah recipe?

rita - Hehe, yup. lol!