Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Brownies & lunch

I seem to be in a baking frenzy. :D I guess I've been inspired by the few of you with all your yummy-licious bakes. Just couldn't stay away from my oven for long. Thanks gals for inspiring me. My next bake will be the sesame and wheat biscuits once I get hold of some wholemeal flour. ;)

I've been itching to bake these brownies ever since I laid eyes on them and here they are. I didn't do a ganache to go over the top but they were delicious on their own. I would have liked them to be a little more chewy and more chocolatey so will make some adjustments to the original recipe the next time I bake them.

For lunch yesterday, my only day at home this week (thanks to cleaner coming), I prepared a noodle dish for lunch. I usually like these noodles done in dark soya sauce but my little one does not like 'black' food. That is the opposite of me. I love black food myself. Ingredients included fishcakes, crabsticks, thinly-sliced pork fillet, bean sprouts, egg, sliced carrots and yellow noodles. I made a stock with dried anchovies to 'sweeten' the dish.

Oh dear, got to go... Michael's calling. More about that later... ;)


Cranberry said...

Wow D, your brownies look so yummy! Can't wait to bake this! Thanks for sharing:)

Sweet Jasmine said...

Brownies are hard to resist. My son H makes lovely brownies with lots of walnuts.
Your home cook mee looks like 'loh mee' must taste real good.

daphne said...

oh d! I love the stacks!!! YUM!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Oh man, I'm weak for brownie too! YUM!

singairishgirl said...

cranberry - Yes, try it. :)

sweet jasmine - I make brownies neat, no nuts cos I can't take much nuts. And no lah, it's just simple home-cooked food, not that great. ;)

daphne - Haha, love the stacks too. :)

lcom - Hehe, it's time to make some then. :P