Saturday, January 29, 2011

Matcha cookies

I have been busy baking the past couple of days. Of course it wasn't the non-stop baking type. It was done at a leisurely pace. I prefer to give homemade cookies to family and friends rather than buy them off the shelf. It's just a sense of satisfaction I get. Pineapple tarts and chocolate chips are a must. However, I'm a bit more adventurous this year. I still have a batch or 2 of tarts to do but as I went around the blogs looking for a 'melting moments' recipe, I came across this simple to do matcha cookie and it just called out to me, 'try me, try me'. Which I did as you can see. :) It's a cookie for matcha lovers but I'm not one. However, it's not too bad really, although the next batch I make, I might cut down on the powder used, so it doesn't come out too strong. I got this recipe from sweet decadenze. This recipe is for Peony by request.


Peony said...

wah, got mention again.
thanks for recipe. Havent finished baking tarts, then got tempted by matcha cookies.

maybe shd bake ur cookies now, cos whenever I bake tarts, nver got pass to CNY.

the recipe that josh gan posted on tart dough is not too bad. Here's the link. His is melt-in-mouth type but dough can be soft. I have yet to try but others who did said it's gd.

Little Corner of Mine said...

You ladies so hardworking ah. I guess I will have to be hardworking too. Going to make bak kwa as gift afterward. Then, going to make pineapple tart because I want to eat and then chocolate cornflakes cookies for a party. Luckily is throughout 5 days, not in a day. :D

Maria said...

hi where do you get matcha poweder in singapore? :) appreciate the help!