Thursday, January 27, 2011

School bento #7

Blog hopping is not doing me any good. I'm trying to lose weight, but the tummy is growling from checking out blogs for cookie recipes. I think I had better continue with updating my blog.

The week is full with after school activities. The girl comes home early on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. By early, I really mean 2pm. We are in the midst of preparing for ballet exams, therefore Tuesday are tied up with writing class and ballet. Wednesdays are good as we have a 45-min piano lesson right after she comes home. She had not been having piano class for a few weeks' now due to her being sick. On top of that, she hasn't been practising on her piano at all. I'm glad she still remembers her work.

I made her a bento to eat just before the teacher came, and put it at a side table so she could reach for something while her lesson was going on. Timing is tight as the teacher's schedule is also jam packed. Girl had requested for a salmon onigiri which I wrapped with a Hello Kitty seaweed sheet that I purchased in Tokyo. She also loves the inarizushi with ebikko. There is a seaweed shape of Usahana on top of the ebikko. Usahana is also a Sanrio character that she loves. There are cherry tomatoes and broccoli as well as a stick of chicken balls.


When the girl was absent from school, her Science teacher started them on a project on growing beans. She missed the visit to the Ecogarden in school. I think she is going to enjoy Science, as there is a lot of hands on activities to look forward to, I hope.

Her partner grew some beans for her, but we prepared the cardboard for it while she was recuperating. We had fun designing and colouring her garden, and bringing the baby beans home and taking care of them. Here they are 2 days old.

By the 4th day, the beans have sprouted. Can you see the little plant? So cute. It's grown even taller now. I need to take another photo of it.


tina said...

You have really been good at updating your blog. I will do so after CNY as I have a stall tomorrow and some orders to complete before CNY. hehe

Shazz said...

Haha...they're still growing tau geh. Some things never change :) It was fun though. Hope she's having fun too =D

SIG said...

tina - Haha, I guess I have been, so far this year. Hope you had a sellout at your fair. Happy New Year to you and the family!

Shazz - Yes, they still do. :)