Thursday, January 27, 2011

School bento #5 + Muffins

This bento was very hastily put together in minimal time. The only things that needed to be done in the morning were to put the McDonald chicken nuggets in the oven and cut up some dragonfruit.

I had baked some muffins for the girl the day before. Had planned to do them to put in her bentos, and I so happened to receive a mini silicon baking tray then, so it got me excited to try it out. The muffins were really cute, definitely mini! I made them in three flavours - blueberry, chocolate chip and banana. It's literally bite size so just pop them in your mouth and they are gone.

Thank you for the gift, dear friend. I love it to bits! Making more today to take to the nurses at the hospital as a thank you gift. :)


Angeleyes said...

Love the mini muffins!!!! They are soooooo cute!!! I wonder where can I get that coz I saw Cold Storage selling these really mini muffins and I was wondering how to make them??!!

SIG said...

This one was from hkg. I'm sure you can get that from USA sites. I did see one in NTUC but not as mini as these. They are adorable you can't bear to eat them hehe.