Friday, January 21, 2011

The bestie's birthday

The bestie shares the same birthdate as princess. I had planned to celebrate for the two of them by taking them both to a lovely lunch. However, since the poor child was ill for her birthday, I had to rush out these cuppies. Had planned to do them anyway, but there was no motivation to kickstart the process till the very last minute. Most of the decor was made 2 days in advance. The thought was there, but the execution took a lot of effort. I just had to surprise her!

I found a courier service that said they do delivery of cakes but when I called them up, they said they only did frozen cakes. Oh well, I had to send them personally to her. I had hoped for a much more 'wow' factor.

I'm not very creative and if friends have received cuppies from me, they will realize it's usually the same few designs haha. This one, however, has a wannabe Kate Spade tote that she was eyeing, as well as a pretty present all wrapped up.

I'm missing her now, but I know she is having a fun time in HKG. And she'll be back tomorrow! How fast the week has flown by. Can't wait to see what goodies she has bought. :)


Yeapies said...

great job ler. Yours truely here don't even know how to make fondant, needless to say shaping them!

SIG said...

Thank you Yeapies! Try it one day.

Miz Young said...