Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sick + School bento #2

Sunday was the start of our nightmare that has lasted till today. She had high temperature the entire Sunday and Monday, at times reaching up to 40.2deg C. I took her to the paed first thing on Monday morning, and with suppositories and panadol, managed to clear the fever by Tuesday, which was her birthday. However, that wasn't the end of it. She woke up with a very bad nosebleed which lasted from 8.30am till 4pm. It wasn't heavy flowing all the way, but because of her runny nose, it seemed to go on forever. That was also when her cough and runny nose started. :(

Poor dear was ill throughout her birthday but at least we managed to get her a cake and she was able to eat that. She went back to school on Wednesday and Thursday but when she got home from school that second day, she looked really terrible so I decided to take her to the GP for anti-biotics. She wasn't getting any better and was suffering terribly. She couldn't do her homework and was listless. There was no way she could have managed to absorb what she was taught at school. Thus, we got the anti-b and started on one dose. That night, she threw up a few times. It was really worrying so I took her again to the paed and this time he prescribed supps to stop her vomiting. The medicine did not work, so again I rushed to the paed that same evening, 7hrs after he had last seen her, and who thankfully had a night clinic 10mins from my house. He gave her a jab and poor girl cried. She normally is good with jabs but her senses must be really sensitive as she hasn't consumed anything or drank any fluid for a day. Poor child. She slept through the night without throwing up, except sleep was disturbed by coughing.

Hubby started her on 7-Up, which is what his mum used to give him growing up. So far, fingers crossed, she is responding well to it. She has just been sipping that slowly the whole afternoon. We hope that she will be well enough to start on some soup or soft food by tomorrow.

Everything has been on hold since this illness started. The house is in a mess from Christmas, till New Year till her birthday. I had hoped to do some tidying up after the girl went back to school and hubby went off back to work. I really hope everything goes back to normal soon. This has dragged on for too long and is draining me of whatever energy I have left.

This second bento was for last Wednesday when she returned to school after being sick. There were tuna pizzas made with half a hotdog bun, blueberries, strawberries and some flower biscuits. She usually wipes her bento clean but on that day, she returned with one slice of pizza, 3 pieces of strawberries and one biscuit, and I knew something wasn't right. She never leaves fruits.

I hope to return to do more blogging, but meanwhile, the most important thing at present, is to get the girl back to health. I also can't wait to start baking pineapple tarts and some CNY cookies. Have you started your baking yet? 20 days to CNY.

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