Friday, January 21, 2011

School bento #3

The girl has gone back to school! Her MC ended yesterday and she was back today. As her health isn't that well yet, I decided to pack her bentos starting today, after all the beatings that her body has taken lately. Somehow, I can't trust canteen food, especially when the body is still weak. It still isn't as clean as when we prepare them ourselves. It was tough getting up this morning to prepare this, but thank goodness I did most of the preparation last evening. The onigiri was made after dinner and I made her some fresh salmon flakes in teriyaki sauce. While at the supermarket, the salmon looked really fresh, thus I decided to do that since I couldn't find any canned ones on the shelf. It was really easy to do. I just put them in the oven to bake, then flaked them and cooked in diluted teriyaki sauce till dry. She loves that. And I'm glad. :)

This is a new bento box which was a gift from her godma. So pretty it is.

She has to stay back at school three times a week, so not only do I need to prepare snacks for recess, I also need to do a lunch one as well. For recess, I made her a jam sandwich wrapped up in Stitch foil, some fruit balls using honeydew melon, papaya and dragonfruit. They are so adorable. I want them for myself. :) All three fruits fit nicely into the bean silicon cup. Spy the little piggy? That's a homemade pineapple tart which didn't turn out all that well, and was a lot of work. Doubt I'd be making those again in a hurry.


javapot said...

hi, understand about what you mean about adding another lunch box since sonny also have to stay back this year for extra classes.

SIG said...

Hi hi long time no see. :) more work for us mums! ;)