Monday, January 24, 2011

School bento #4

Good morning. :) A new week has begun. I'm really not used to waking up at 5.45am. It just makes me so tired, with zero energy, but the thing with me is that unless I am super exhausted, I can't fall back to sleep after sending the girl off in her school bus. So here I am, with time to spare, updating my blog.

The girl starts her conversational Malay class today. She had showed some interest in the language when we visited the Peranakan Museum a couple of years back, and had picked up a book on learning the language. This is an optional MOE programme to get pupils to learn another language other than their mother tongue. I think it's a great move. Costs are covered by MOE. Being half a baba, I never was spoken to in Malay. My maternal grandmother spoke Hokkien and English to us, maybe for the fact that it was easier for us since we had a Hokkien paternal grandma. Therefore, I was glad that my girl showed an interest, and decided to sign her up for the class. I hope she has fun, and can soon be my teacher. :P

In the picture above is her lunch bento for after school. Malay class begins this afternoon for 2hrs after school. I decided to boil her some cha soba and put the sauce separately in a covered container so she can dip the noodles in. The instruction is for her to throw out the sauce after she is done. Hope she remembers. Sitting atop the noodles is Snoopy. There is a cuttlefish ball panda, leftover from a birthday party we attended yesterday. A little Mandarin orange, a cherry tomato and a packet of sweets from the goody bag complete the bento.

This below is the section for recess. There are two slices of leftover pizza from party, 2 pieces of homemade chocolate chip cookies, a food pick with several blueberries, and 2 pieces of papaya.

Have a great week everyone!

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