Saturday, January 15, 2011

Taxi drivers

I had a bad spell with taxi drivers during the week. The first happened when I was rushing my girl to the paed. I usually like to go early in the morning so that I don't need to wait too long for her turn. When I left home that morning in a hurry, I had just changed my bag and thus forgot to take my umbrella along. It started drizzling when we got out of the lift but as we were in a rush, I didn't bother going back to get it. However, when we got to the main road to catch a cab, a queue had formed with approximately 4 people in line. I didn't think we'd have luck getting one and I wasn't going to take the girl out in the rain (she was running a fever at the time). Thus, I called for a cab and was lucky to get one with a 3-5min arrival time. When the guy arrived, I went out from under the block and waved at him. He didn't even look and just drove his cab along. I waved and shouted and still no response. He just went on. It got me really mad and I caught up with him and banged on the boot of his cab, with my girl trailing me in the rain. He really got it from me good. However, he apologized. I let it go at that. Important at that time was getting to the clinic on time, and besides he already said he was sorry.

On Tuesday, I had gone to get groceries as well as the cake for my girl. In my right arm were 4 heavy bags as I had to free my left hand for my bag as well as the cake. This driver of the cab I was about to board had a real attitude problem. Seeing that I was struggling, he just glared blankly at me. I signalled for him to help open the boot and he didn't budge. I shook my head at him and he reluctantly got out and said to me, 'don't shake your head lah'. I told him he was very rude and that I wasn't going to go in his cab. He then said to me, ' I also don't want to take you'. I was fuming by then and got the next cab driver to open his boot. In my anger, also due to a breaking arm and shoulder from the weight of the groceries, I had not thought of it, till the driver said to take down the number plate of the previous cab to lodge a complain. I have taken it down but due to taking care of the sick child, have not had a chance to call the company yet, which I definitely will do this coming Monday. I'm not letting that one off.


Beau Lotus said...

No, you must not let that one off indeed!

SIG said...

Ok, have called and complained!