Thursday, February 10, 2011

School bento #8

Wednesday's lunch is crazy. Even though girl comes home at normal time i.e. right after school ends, she has piano class the minute she is home. I pack her a bento lunch so that she can pick from it while she has her lesson. We were lucky yesterday, that her teacher arrived late, so she managed to polish off 3/4 of what was in the box. I made her cheese sandwiches and served that with cherries, a little tangerine, cherry tomatoes, some keropok french fries, a fortune cookie, a bottle of Yakult and some Smarties in the Pooh container.


Peony said...

aiya, why never show full view of the container ?

looks big as u packed so much. U got bento from Jp?

SIG said...

Hi Peony, ok will take a picture of the box. It wasn't from Jp, was a CNY gift from friend who placed cookies in it. I love it and it isn't that big.