Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I made bento dinner for us all. The first bento is for the girl. As my fridge wasn't well-stocked and I had limited time to prepare, this was the best I could come up with.

In her bento, there is heart-shaped rice with minced meat filling which I had prepared earlier in the day, 2 pieces of ngoh hiang, cherry tomatoes, tulip-shaped strawberries, a small tangerine, hamburger biscuits, broccoli, tofu fishcakes, and edamame, as well as a packet of apple juice.

Hubby's portion has a can of beer instead of juice.

This is my portion with exactly the same things, minus a drink.

This is what the bento box looks like, a CNY gift from a friend.

A lovely gift from hubby... my new Canon Ixus 130 camera and a rose each for the girl and me.


Yeapies said...

Blessed belated V-Day!
How come hb din get a "heart rice" eh? :P

SIG said...

Heart-shaped rice too small for him, only two bites. So gave him more rice and attempted a heart for the mince but didn't turn out too well-shaped.

Angeleyes said...

So sweet of your hub and girl!
Now, where are the new photos taken with the new camera????