Monday, March 3, 2008

Mish mash

These were some stuff I cooked in the last couple of days. Really not in the mood to blog, or pretty much do anything, as my joints are acting up again and I feel so miserable waking in the mornings and not being able to walk on my hurting feet. It gets to me a lot, not being able to just up and go, or get things tidied in the house as much as I want to. Of course it takes a few hours for the medicine to kick in, each morning, after consumption. I'm usually feeling better by early afternoon but by then I'll be busy with other stuff, plus the girl will be back from school, so housework has taken a backseat, and I just can't wait for the cleaner to come tomorrow. Also, can't wait to see the doctor tomorrow to see what she says about my current condition.

On a happier note, I finally booked my air tickets and hotel in Europe for our holidays. Took advantage of the offers at the NATAS fair over the weekend to get the specials. And yippee, we'll be going on Singapore Airlines, and if not mistaken, will depart from the very new Terminal 3. :) On one hand, it's exciting, but on the other, I do dread it as I do not know how my condition will be like at that point in time. There'll be lots of sightseeing = walking, so am not really looking forward to it. I can imagine the suffering already.

Also keeping me busy are ballet classes in preparation for the exams next week. Can't wait for that to be over.

For dinner last night, I prepared the following :-

Pumpkin Curry

Syrian Chicken with apricots and figs

I tried cooking Basmati rice, but it turned out to be a disaster, and I wasted a teaspoon of saffron. *sob sob*. So in the end we had plain white rice.

This morning, I baked a loaf of Cream Cheese Bread. Got the recipe from a forum pal. I'm not sure if there was something wrong with my yeast, but I tested a few packets out and it did not bubble and, thus, they were very inactive. After about the 5th try, I gave up and thought to myself, whatever, we'll just try it out since I already measured the flour, butter, etc. So I went ahead with it and realizing the dough wasn't exactly rising, put it in a low oven to let it rise, but I guess it wasn't enough, since the result was a rectangular loaf like HK's. But no matter, it's the most successful bread I've ever made and it is yummy. Hope I have better luck with the next packet of yeast. I'm happy that there is no strong smell or taste of yeast unlike the last loaf I baked. Could it be the milk powder that offsets the yeast?

For dinner tonight, I cooked this Fettucine dish using a recipe from a magazine and will update the recipes tomorrow.


Jori said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your joints are giving you some grief. I hope you find some relief soon.

When you are feeling better, can you please email me the recipe for the Pumpkin Curry? It looks very yummy, and I have never found a curry recipe I've been successful with... :o(

Little Corner of Mine said...

Sure hope you are feeling better. I also did the cream cheese bread over the weekend and it looked like yours too. So, I thought my yeast might not be active anymore and quickly went to run a test. Not true leh, my yeast is still very active. I made it twice already experimenting with different function of my breadmaker. Going to experiment with the dough function next. Just to see whether there is any difference.

daphne said...

that pumpkin curry looks really good! How did u make it?

europe holiday! awww.. I'm envious! Hope u feel better soon so that u will enjoy this hol!

Sweet Jasmine said...

hi..your condition of early morning joint pains is similar to what i had many years ago...but after seeing the right doctor..and getting the right medication all these symptons had improve greatly...i hope you r not on steroids...if yr condition had not improve it is better to see a good rheumatologist....many were ignorant( including normal MDs) of this condition where there r really the right medication to bring us back to normal life..without much suffering...

btw..yr curry looks good...i read from healthnews somewhere.. pumpkin is not good for those with joint will cause a flare up...hope you test it on yrself...

3greenapples3 said...

Hi Your bread looks yummy to me & I'm going to try it out soon.Thank you for posting & sharing this great recipe, it's very helpful for new baker like myself.
I've been reading your blog & My Culinary Journal for quite a while but could no longer access to the wonderful web by Peony as it has gone private.Would you mind passing this email address to her as I don't know how else to contact her:
Thanks & have a nice day!

beachlover said...

OMG!! you're so young ,your joints already acting up!!.I can feel your pain.I guess it's from the birth of your child.Poeple said once you lack to take care during confinement,then we will pain the whole life.I hope it's not true.Wow!1 you're going to Euro,what a cool trip..remember to take lot of pix for us.

Peony said...

your chk dish is interesting.

err, how come you n lcom got problem with the dough rising?
my dough rises v well, 1st n 2nd proof.

Big Boys Oven said...

The pumpkin curry looks astatic gorgeous! would love to try them soon!

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Oh dear, hope you had met with you doctor now, and that you feel better? Will be praying for you...

singairishgirl said...

jori - Thanks for your concern. I have posted the recipe. Sorry it took a while but I had no access to the computer past couple of days as both the princess and hubby took turns hogging it. Anyway, I do not have your email do I? Can't remember. Maybe I do. Hehe. Can send me again?

little corner of mine - Oh really? Same as mine? I thought HK had the same problem too. Hmm... but it's ok cos it turned out great, right> Still soft and yummy.

daphne - Just updated with recipe. Wanted to do it day after but couldn't. Hope it helps. :)

sweet jasmine - Dear Jasmine, could you put your email address in a comment and send to me so I can discuss with you further about the medication? My doc is a Rhematologist and not a Medical Doctor. I have had RA for close to 10 yrs now and it's the worst it's ever been. Maybe it was bad in the start too but over the years it was under control already. In fact it was pretty much under control till about a couple of months back that it suddenly flared up again. Doc has started me on the drug that you are taking - the one that cause nausea and I am just so afraid to take it cos I have nausea for 7-1/2 mths when pregnant and am really not keen at all. We'll just take the one-month as prescribed and see how it goes. I have not noticed if the pumpkin caused a flare-up as I was already experiencing pains. I have avoided all the food I have to avoid, such as beans, nuts, coconut, etc, anything that is 'ying' in nature basically. Pumpkin is something new I just found out from you, but will observe. Thanks.

singairishgirl said...

3greenapples3 - Hi there, thanks for popping by. And for your lovely comments. The good news is that Peony has opened up her blog again as I just noticed. So, check it out. :)

beachlover - Thanks for concern. No, is not from childbirth. I had it already 5 years before she was born. They can't explain how it came about. Doc says it could have been some virus, genetics, etc. But I think it's not genetics as none of my family has this condition. It struck me just before my wedding so it was really a sad time as all the shoes I specially made were wasted. I couldn't wear them or I couldn't walk. :( I did proper confinement of course, since I already was in this condition so I couldn't risk not doing confinement. But Rheumatoid Arthritis stays with us for life so nothing much I can do about it except take medicine all my life.

peony - Oh thanks. I also don't know about the rising but still tasted nice lah.

big boys oven - Oh yes, try it. :)

east meets west kitchen - Yes, thanks my dear. Doc started me on a stronger medicine which she tried not to, but can't be helped. Thanks for your prayers. You're a darling.