Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sliced Fish Hor Fun

This is perfect food for rainy days. Have been wanting to cook this since last week, but didn't get round to it. Finally did it last evening.

Cheat's way to get the colour on the hor fun. I used light soya sauce and just a couple of drops of dark soya sauce. :)

Dig in!

Ingredients used -

1. Sliced Batang Fish
2. Fishcakes, sliced
3. Couple of pieces of ginger
4. Garlic, sliced
5. Xiao Bai Chye
6. Thick Hor Fun
7. 1 egg
8. Oyster Sauce
9. Corn Starch mixture


daphne said...

woohoo! that shall be one of our dinner next week. =)

Shazz said...

ooo...i love hor fun sooo much. You've gotta to feed me this! Planning to have hor fun in the city tomorrow :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

I cooked this last weekend too. So good right? Good idea to use fish fillets!

Beau Lotus said...

D, that's one yummy looking horfun! Love it, wish I could have some. I do so miss being able to grab hold of fresh hor fun, will just have to admire yours from here. snif snif.

Big Boys Oven said...

I am salivating now over those fish and the gravy you make, awesome!

singairishgirl said...

daphne - Hehe, am awaiting your hor fun this week, ok? ;)

shazz - Haha, you have so many things you wanna eat but always come back at wrong times, like Christmas or CNY, no time cook for you.

little corner of mine - Haha, we seem to be cooking same foods even though we are so far apart. Yes, nice fish fillets.

beau lotus - Thanks, and coming from a great cook like you, I take that as the greatest compliment. :P
Oh yes, I think it would be relatively difficult to get fresh hor fun where you are. It does make a world of difference.

big boys oven - Thanks. ;) Hehe.