Thursday, March 6, 2008

Some meals

Meal 1 -

Baked salmon in Teriyaki sauce.

Broccolini and Mushrooms in Oyster sauce. These were cute as princess said they were like flowers as they had a long stem. She'd bite off the flowers, then slowly chewed off the stems. Personally I prefer normal broccoli. I boiled mine in water and made the sauce separate to pour over. Garnished it with fried shallots to serve. Coincidentally, little corner of mine cooked this dish as well, on the same day.

Baked Chicken Wings by special request of the princess.

Seaweed Usahana on a mound of rice.

Black pepper sauce which I used to bake other piece of salmon with.


Meal 2 -

From this... (I wanted to take a photo of the vegetables before they were cooked to show the beautiful flowers on them.)

... to this. (I'm not sure of the name of this vegetable but I believe it belongs to the Kai Lan family. It's really crunchy and sweet, I believe it's also because of the oyster sauce used.)

Fried some Thai fishcakes which were nice but too spicy for the little one. Packet for my reference.

It was basically an instant meal with seaweed wrapped chicken and ready chicken rice mix. I somehow am 'off' this seaweed chicken as I find over the years that they have added more fat to it. It does get pretty disgusting biting into them. I stopped buying them for a while but princess asked for them as she recently had them at the CNY party in school. Have to look for another brand unless they cut off the fat on these.

Tada! The meal is ready.

Note - The vegetables were bought at the vegetable and fruits stall in the basement of Tangs Departmental Store. I used to love to buy from the lady whenever I made a trip downtown. Her produce is very fresh but I noticed they have kind of downsized the stall as the other half of it is taken up by a new vendor. She has unusual veggies and that was how I came about the broccolini and the other veg. I should have asked her the name of it though. So, if you are ever in that part of town, do check it out.


daphne said...

nice! my girlfriends and i like to buy the cripsy seaweed chicken when we were younger as well..for our sleep over movie marathons. going to stay away frm it! haha

singairishgirl said...

daphne - Haha! Yes, it was a staple for us too. Oh well...

Little Corner of Mine said...

That some delicious meals you cooked. I like your broccolini, I think mine was old crop. I think that is Hong Kong kailan, a very delicious veggie. The restaurant here just cook it with oyster sauce or garlic, simple yet yummy.

singairishgirl said...

little corner of mine - Thank you, dear. Oh really, HKG kailan? Thanks for the info. Yes, I am not kailan fan but it was really sweet and crunchy. It's because of the crunchiness that I suspected it belonged to the kailan family. I cook all my veg in oyster sauce. Lol!

sHuying said...

Hi there. I wanna ask...the seaweed, u bought it with that rabbit design?

singairishgirl said...

shuying - Hi, yes it comes in the design. Was a gift from a friend who got it from Japan.

Manggy said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog. That seaweed usahana is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time :)

singairishgirl said...

manggy - Hi there, it's cute isn't it? I totally agree. :)