Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mango Chicken in Tortilla Wrap

I did it, Daphne. Made it for lunch today. Bought a small bbq chicken from Cold Storage last evening, and shredded it. Am boiling the bones now for stock. Unfortunately, little one didn't like it, even though hubby and I enjoyed it very much. She says it's because it's got mayonnaise in it... Huh? But she eats mayonnaise! Maybe she is a purist. Mango doesn't = mayo? Hehe. So, daddy had her portion. It was lovely, and the mango I had today wasn't super sweet. Was slightly sour. So it balanced the richness from the mayo. I also shredded some carrots and added a stalk of mizuna cos simply lazy to make a salad. A simple, delicious lunch. Thanks for the idea. :)


Jori said...

That looks incredible... actually quite typical of a lunch I would make, but I wouldn't have thought to add the mango. Thanks for the suggestion!

daphne said...

yay!! Too bad princess didn't like it! Maybe she might like it without mayo then. kekee.

But hey, it is still a good meal by itself ya? Love the idea of carrots in it as well. I'm sure it would have added sweetness to the sour mango.

Little Corner of Mine said...

First time I see this veggie called mizuna! I thought it was some sort of herb.

Ling's Passion said...

What a great idea to incorporate fruits in wraps making it a wholesome meal. I would never thought of that.

karlsfoodie said...

looks good! I wanna try this out manz!!

beachlover said...

what a cool dish!!.tako mango!!.I better go to pull some of my mom's mango from the tree and make this dish!lol!!

singairishgirl said...

jori - Yes, thanks to Daphne for the idea. Cool, isn't it?

daphne - Oh yes, splendid meal. Thanks. :) Yes, carrots added bit of crunch and sweetness.

little corner of mine - I saw mizuna before is some recipe I think that's how I came across it.

ling's passion - Yes, it's a great idea.

karlsfoodie - You will love it. :)

beachlover - You are so funny, haha. Yes, give it a try.