Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday Dinner

Came home from church and put together a 'simple yet took lots of time preparing' dinner. Hehe. It took ages to butter the filo pastry which I used to make spinach puffs and being a little short on the spinach, I made the last one for princess with a piece of banana and chocolate chips.

Spinach puffs were made with a spread of Boursin garlic & fine herbs cheese, then topped up with ready creamed spinach, rolled and baked. Simply gorgeous.

I also made a salad with butterhead lettuce, celery, Japanese cucumber, corn bits, cherry tomatoes and hard-boiled egg. Tossed them in Ranch dressing & ready to serve.


Armand said...

oo! U did it!! It looks great! And healthy too. How did you find feta?

trevshanhann said...

this time i really must try the spinach filo... and yes i will do it!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Happy Easter day to you & family!

Hahaha...maybe you need to use a wider brush? :P

singairishgirl said...

armand/daphne - Yes, I did it finally! But I didn't use feta haha. I don't know if will like the taste and not going to spend so much on the cheese if might not like. Hehe. I used Boursin garlic flavour cheese and spread it on then put frozen creamed spinach over. Delicious! You will love it! Actually I don't think it's all that healthy. Creamed spinach and layers and layers of butter hahaha.

trevshanhann - Ok, must try. I wanna hear all about it! :P

little corner of mine - Thanks C. :) Hahaha, wider brush still so many layers.

Maya Yunos said...

Tht's looks so good! Just classy! MUST try! *God knows when though* hehe. *Pats Dep on E back* Good job! U r getting better n better! ;)

beachlover said...

Happy Easter to you and family!!..I never use Filo skin b4,must try once I go back to NY

Cranberry said...

Hey dear, your dinner is not simple task and it looks so great!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

gosh i kept seeing spinach and cream/cheese these days...i think it's a sign that i must do spinach & cream/cheese too..(is this wat people called inspired? hehe totally!) thx for the inspiration :)

singairishgirl said...

maya - Oh thank you, thank you. Hehe. Try it. It's yummy.

beachlover - Oh yes, you've got plenty of stuff to try when go back NYC, huh? Haha.

cranberry - Oh, yes, it sure was no simple task, hahaha.

mochachocolata rita - Yes, indeed, that's how we all get inspired. It's a good thing actually. :) You're most welcome.