Sunday, February 10, 2008

Surprise? What surprise?

Had a little dinner party this evening. Guests just left. Best part was it was a lovely slow dinner and not too much food to prepare. I put together the dinner all within an hour. Also, little princess was entertained for 3hrs just playing her UNO card game. Pity the one who had to play it with her, except during mealtime.

I made a simple pasta dish, mini pizzas and some d-i-y tacos. The tacos were very well-received and I guess most of us are sick of Chinese food by now, so it was something different for our taste buds. There wasn't excessive food for the 6 of us and almost everything was wiped out except the pasta which we can have tomorrow.

We had a little cake for hubby to celebrate his birthday this week and princess chose a chocolate banana cake from Awfully Chocolate. It was a surprise thingy but she accidentally exposed it to Daddy when they were out for lunch today. However, thank God she didn't mention the cake, so that was the surprise.

We bought the topping for the cake last week and I initially wanted to bake something but decided not to go through all that trouble. I picked up a cake on the spur of the moment, when I passed by the shop yesterday, and it was real lucky that I did, as I am not up to baking cakes today. I was just too tired this morning.

Everyone loved the cake but I'm not a fan of their chocolate banana cake, even though I like bananas. I would have chosen the plain chocolate. We also had some lovely very sweet Korean strawberries. They are the only ones I will eat. :)


daphne said...

hehe..u found the taco shells? Where did u find it?

Wise choice of buying the cake instead of making it- the golf figurine is so cute.

and happy birthday to your hubby!!

WokandSpoon said...

The chocolate cake still looks good - all those layers - even though you weren't big on it!

HK Choo said...

happy birthday to your dh! :)

nice spread, ya, a refreshing change i would say...something light as well :D

Little Corner of Mine said...

Happy birthday to your hubby! :)

Something simple would be nice to prepare, if not too much work!

Sue Sue said...

What a lovely and simple dinner. Your hub must be happy with you and your princess on the surprise you gave him.

Happy Birthday to him.

singairishgirl said...

daphne - Yes, they are easily found in the supermarkets. Gosh you are so right. Much easier to buy than tire myself out. Haha, ya cute right? Princess the one wanted to buy for her daddy. Thanks for your wishes. How kind. :)

wok and spoon - Hehe, it was yum still.

hk choo - Thanks dearie. Will pass on the wishes. Yes, agree, nice and light and not fattening hehe.

little corner of mine - Thanks :D You're right, no work at all. Haha.

sue sue - Haha, surprise but wasn't really a surprise. Thanks for wishes.

Cranberry said...

B'day cake for yr hub looks so good.. hub must be so touch yeh!

singairishgirl said...

cranberry - Haha, don't know if he was touched.