Sunday, February 3, 2008

Reunion Dinner - Part 1

We had a splendid dinner last evening, if I may say so myself. ;) My guests were good eaters. Initially, I was afraid that there was too much food. My pot of rice was all gone mostly devoured by 3 rice eaters, namely princess, hubby and uncle J. Those invited to dinner last evening were mum, Uncle J, & his wife Aunt N, from Canada. They live and work there but come home to spend a couple of months visiting family and friends during winter. They usually spend both Christmas and Chinese New Year here before heading back to the biting cold.

My preparation started in the morning with marinading the chicken, fish, and the minced pork for the sui kow (shrimp dumpling, somewhat like a wanton). In the dumpling there was minced pork, water chestnuts, prawns and spring onion seasoned with light soya sauce, pepper, sesame oil and cornflour).

The stock, which took few hours to boil, included chicken bones, soya beans, ikan bilis (dried anchovies), ginger & garlic, plus corn.

We had udon and live prawns.

There were crabsticks, tofu, hee keow (some sort of a fish paste thing), sausages, and pork balls.

Next we had Foo Chow fishballs, and some sort of dumpling which tasted like siew mai (very nice). These, together with the hee keow, were courtesy of mum who bought them from the very famous Foo Chow noodle shop in Beach Road. She said there was a snaking queue when she got them the day before. People were buying by the hundreds (of dollars).

Here are the fish, chicken and sui kow (with help from hubby to fold them while I prepared other stuff. Don't you think he did a good job? He is publicity-shy and banned me from using the shot of him in the kitchen doing them. He he. I thought he did great but he was a perfectionist and kept finding fault with them.

Some pakchoy and baby corn (for princess).

Spinach, one of my favourite veggies and great for steamboat. I love veggies soft but my girl loves them crunchy. :) So I tend to go for the leaves and she likes the stalks. Weird as most people I know usually eat leaves and leave stalks. But we make a great combination. ;)

My favourite chilli for steamboat, available only once a year for sale during the CNY period. This is from the famous mini steamboat stall in the Parkway Parade basement food court.

To round off the meal, we had some really sweet mandarin oranges (these are small & seedless),

and cream puffs which I had made in the afternoon.

We ended the evening playing games on the xbox 360, with princess entertaining them all while she did Uno, Viva Pinata, and Feeding Frenzy (which she got each n every guest to take a turn). Auntie N had great fun on it and Uncle J was commenting, 'now who's the kid here?'. Haha. It was a truly 'enjoyable dinner', quoting Uncle J. Come CNY, they are going to take her out for a day, so yippee, mummy can sleep! ;)

Foo Chow Fishball Noodles
33/35 Sultan Gate
Kampong Glam
Conservation Area

Parkway Mini Steamboat
80 Marine Parade Road
#B1-118 Parkway Parade
Tel: 63482070


Paw Paw said...

Nothing beats the closness of family members gathered around feasting together.
U must had a very busy but fullfilling day.
Looking fwd to part 2 ...

singairishgirl said...

paw paw - Yes, you're absolutely right. Well, actually it wasn't all that bad. I finished doing most things in the late morning. But the amount of dishes that had to be washed after. Gosh! But good thing about washing up after steamboat is that most dishes are not oily.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Great steamboat dinner! What a coincident I just had an early reunion dinner with my brother and it's also steamboat! I'm still so fulled while typing this. I took some pictures too...hehehe...will share later. Can't wait to see your part 2. :)

singairishgirl said...

little corner of mine - I love steamboat! Guess what? Part 2 at aunt's place is also steamboat lah. Hehe. Ok, ok, can't wait for your post.

Paw Paw said...

Forgot to ask....the Orange Container...U got it from where.

Shazz said...

yummy steamboat!! Pity I wasn't there :|

singairishgirl said...

paw paw - The orange container just for picture taking. I don't use it to store oranges. Got it years ago at Tangs, one of the stalls selling some CNY biscuits. Can't remember liao.

shazz - Ya lah, next year stay for CNY hor. Don't worry. We ate your portion. Another one tonight to finish off last night's food. ;) Fly back lah for CNY.

daphne said...

I'm such a big fan of Foo Chow fishballs... it's like a meal by itself. Love the look of your cream puffs too!

Ling's Passion said...

Your steamboat has so many varieties and looks delicious. This is the first time that I heard soy bean is included in the stock making. Do you soak them before adding to the stock?

jadepearl said...

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Once again, have a wonderful Reunion Dinner with your family! :)

Big Boys Oven said...

Oh such a feast! Hope I will get invited soon in near future! lol! I never shy when comes to food!

I Cook4Fun said...

Wah, what a feast!!! Wish I can be home with my family :( Anyway, can't wait to see the part 2 of your reunion dinner. By the way, do you mind if I link you?

Sue Sue said...

Wah so fast reunion dinner d ah. Wishing you and your family GOng Xi Fatt Chai

Mellie said...

Can I have a bite too, Deb? Save me a spoonful the next time hor! :)

singairishgirl said...

daphne - Yes, I so love Foo Chow fishballs and they are not as fishy-tasting as normal fishballs. Love the texture. Indeed, they are very filling. Thanks, you should try baking those cream puffs. They are lovely.

ling's passion - Thanks. I usually put soya beans in my soup stock. It's flavourful and gives it a little sweet flavour. Of course the corns help to make it even sweeter. Try it next time. I do not soak them first. Just wash them and put in to boil with chicken bones etc.

jadepearl - Ok, will try do it another time. :) Thanks. You too.

big boys oven - Oh yes, hehe, steamboat, no problem. ;)

singairishgirl said...

i cook4fun - Oh, haha, I kind of regret I said there's gonna be part 2 as the part 2 is totally the same kinds of food as the first dinner. :P Of course I don't mind you link me. ;)

sue sue - Huh? If I not wrong you had a few reunions a few weeks' back. Lol. Yours were even earlier. Haha. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you.

mellie - Dear Mel, of course you may. Sit and enjoy. ;)