Friday, February 1, 2008

CNY Bake 3 - Cornflakes Biscuits

Made these late in the afternoon. Real crunchy when fresh. Ran out of cornflakes towards the end and used some sliced almonds instead. Can you believe dh could not tell they were cornflakes? Duh!

This should be my last bakes unless something interesting comes along, and of course another round of pineapple tarts to finish off, as the first batch found their way mostly into my tummy. No wonder my dear cousin didn't want to bake as she said she'd be the one eating everything. However, she still caved in and did the tarts. So much for resistance. ;) I mean it's only once a year no?


daphne said...

ooo..nice presentation. I miss my cornflakes biscuits.. i really hv to get my act together and make something! haha

Sue Sue said...

Wow, reading the rest of your post makes me have some new year mood to start baking d. Will grab some time this Sunday to do some baking eh.

singairishgirl said...

daphne - Presentation so-so lah. Pressure pressure! You can still do you know? Not late.

sue sue - Haha, ya, visit more blogs and get inspired!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Yes! Yes! It's only once a year, so indulge in all the yummy CNY cookies. Oh man, I couldn't stop myself from eating at them all day, so yummy so when I see it, I just have to eat it! 0.0 *adoi!*

trevshanhann said...

Oh i have to put my 2 cents worth and say your cookies are great... (i had a privilage of sampling them)My personal favorite the cornflakes cookies and i came by at the right time to try em straight from the oven.Hee hee.

Paw Paw said...

'Jia Yu' ... bake more!
No worries about eating too much...afterall like U mentioned
~CNY comes only once a year!~

singairishgirl said...

little corner of mine - Aiyoh, I have to stop myself from spying them and reaching into the containers every so often.

trevshanhann - Hehe, thanks dearie. You know what? I think you can smell my bakes right, all the way from your house, as is not the first time that you've come on the days I bake, I remember some cuppies and biscuits some other times too. ;)

paw paw - Thanks my dear. You too ah. Keep up the good work. Please post ok, after CNY? ;) Haha, I wish it was only once a year. I bake n eat all times of the year! :P