Saturday, February 16, 2008


Mum discovered this new restaurant in the basement of Raffles City. It's a Japanese version of Marche. She was very excited about it when she saw this place last week and couldn't resist going in to check it out. She loved their steak which she felt was very well done. That is after having visited Delifrance the week before and being thoroughly disappointed in their so-called 'steak' which tasted like rubber even though having ordered a medium-rare. However, we didn't order the steak last evening.

Just like Marche, we were issued a card each, as well as a little sign saying the table was 'reserved'.

I wanted to try the salmon bamboo rice (which was a disappointment as it was way too bland). Other than the salmon and a few miserable pieces of mushrooms, there wasn't any taste to it. Princess had a chicken and asparagus spaghetti in tomato cream sauce. She didn't enjoy it much and I tried a piece of chicken which didn't taste too cooked. Mum got some skewered stuff and those were nice. There were mushrooms, prawns, beef, salmon, and bacon with asparagus.

We also had gyoza as well as both waffle and a crepe to share amongst us. The waffle was so-so but the crepe was really nice. It had a nice crunch to it and not soft like Marche's when it cools down. Basically this dessert is very similar to what you get at Marche, with caramel bananas as a topping, or ice-cream.

Mum tried the garlic rice and she said it was nice. There's also a play area for the kids to be entertained while you eat in peace. It's very basic but it keeps them happy enough. However, one drawback is that the place is not very clean. Although it was pretty empty when we were there, we found biscuits, crumbs, and spilled coffee on the flooring. There were dirty tissues with foodstuff on some other table which weren't cleared and service is practically non-existent even though they slap a service fee on the total bill. Nobody cleared our dishes as we emptied them and I had to move them elsewhere in order to clear more space on the table.

All in, it was an ok experience. I would go back for the crepes. I would try some other 'safe' food the next time. Sometimes it doesn't pay to be adventurous.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Oh yeah, your salmon dish does look very plain, no any kind of sauce on top too. Seem like your mom is the only one enjoying her meal. ;)

InspiredMumof2 said...

All the food look good in the pictures though, thanks for sharing here. I think so far the best "Marche style" food concept I've tried so far is the one in Central Chidlom Bangkok's Food Loft. That place has many good food really.

Soo Ping said...

Wow... the food looks great. Thanks for the information. Being away from Singapore really stinks. I haven't heard of this place at all but I might have to ask you for more information when I am back to see if there are any must have or see place. Great pictures btw.

singairishgirl said...

little corner of mine - Yes, unfortunately very plain and sauce-free. :( Oh, but mum bought those sticks for us to share. Hehe.

inspiredmumof2 - Yes, I do miss Central Chidlom's 'Marche' but I don't have the privilege of going there so often, unlike you. :)

soo ping - Thanks for visiting my blog. This place is very new and I only heard of it a couple of weeks' back. So worry not, you are not so suaku. Hehe. Gee, thanks.

Chawanmushi said...

Hi singairishgirl
Thanks for letting me know about this place.Will surely give the crepe a try when I have to chance to visit :-)

singairishgirl said...

chawanmushi - No problem. :)