Saturday, February 23, 2008

Chap Gor Mi or Yuan Xiao Jie

Thursday was the last or 15th day of the Chinese New Year celebrations. How fast times flies. First we were all busy baking, cooking, feasting and in just a blink of an eye, it's gone. Till next year rolls along. I feel so free and light since all festivities have come to a standstill for me, and also having stopped all enrichment classes in preparation for the ballet exams in approximately 2-1/2 weeks' time. Yikes! Shudder!

Before long, it'll be time for the Primary One Registration. Thank goodness that one is not a headache.

For sis - we had dinner in KB and this is what pa cooked up. This fish has C's (LCOM) name on it. Hahaha!

Prawns in black sauce. Hey sis, notice he didn't peel them for us? You are the special one.

There's another dish of chicken, from the nasi padang stall, which he bought for your (sis') birthday dinner so I won't show it again here.


Princess and I had dinner at Swensen's last evening and this is what she ordered. Ham & cheese burgers with alphabet hash browns and corn. She polished off everything on the plate. The burgers were tiny and for an adult, maybe gone in 2-3 bites. Haha. I got the kitchen to not grill the buns as they usually do. I don't like all the grease on them so they baked them instead, which is a much healthier choice.

I wasn't impressed with my dinner which was some grilled fish with yellow rice and raisins so I didn't bother even taking a photo of it. :P

Do most people celebrate the end of CNY? I know not many people do.


Anonymous said... my family, we usually end the CNY with a feast....depending on the majority, we may do a pot-luck or hotpot.
As well as 'tang yuan' with lots of yummy fillings done by grandma.

Elf will order those burgers too..but it's the flags he's more interested in.....*haha*

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Love your spread for end of CNY! And my kids love those alphabet hash browns and they usually eat the ham and cheese and leave the buns. :>

Little Corner of Mine said... funny lah, where got my name on the fish? BTW, what is the veggie in the last pic.? Very interesting and I don't think I see any of it here. Does it tastes like esparagus?

Not everyone celebrate it but since we are living so far away, I want to set tradition for my kids. :)

Florence said...


You've been tagged :

singairishgirl said...

paw paw - It isn't a tradition in our family to have tang yuen on the last day of CNY. But now even more so since grandma is no longer around.

Oh yes, mine too goes for the flag mostly. Haha.

singairishgirl said...

east meets west kitchen - Thanks. They don't like bread? Mine is a carbo addict hahaha.

little corner of mine - Haha, you don't see it? It's there! Hehe. Oh sorry I can't help you with the veg name as I don't know it myself. I don't eat that so can't tell you the taste either. It's like suan (as in spring onion family I think). Yes, I agree. You have to teach them their culture, traditions.

florence - Tag done. :)

Sue Sue said...

Not really. We dont celebrate the end of CNY but this year is a bit difference. We had lau sang dinner with family on Chap Goh Meh.

Shazz said...

ooo...sedap but I prefer sweet n sour fish.In fact I like sweet n sour anything.Asked papa to cook the sambal (botak) prawns, beans & to get the chicken from that stall & otah when I'm there next..LOL :D P.S. I didn't even know it was chap goh meh..time flies

singairishgirl said...

sue sue - I see. I though M'sians are more traditional, not like us all chapalang. Haha.

shazz - Papa can cook sweet sour fish too. Hehe. Ask him cook when you come back when ah? Yes, time sure flies. I don't know is it as we get older time flies faster. You think?

Big Boys Oven said...

oh that steam fish looks so exciting! i also do a lot of steaming!

singairishgirl said...

big boys oven - Oh thanks, yes, steaming is healthy and if food is fresh, you can taste the freshness.