Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day

Christmas celebrations started for us at midnight when we attended the midnight mass. Princess was really excited and hubby too was keen to go for it. It frees up the day for us to clean up the house and do the cooking for the dinner ahead. Princess was a little angel in her beautiful white dress which granny sent over from Ireland. However, she wasn't the only angel there as there were approximately 6 little angels in the pew in front of ours, all dressed similarly in white. We noticed all the girls in church mostly wore white, and mum said, the adults mostly wore black. Hahaha. Maybe we adults should be in more merry colours such as green and red? Hehehe.

It started with a Christmas pageant acted out by the choir, and we even had VIPs in our midst. They were part of some inter-racial thingy. I can't remember what IRCC stood for, as it was late and my brains were not working. I had been up in the morning at 6plus to get princess ready for school. And didn't stop working since then. Did last minute groceries, made the soup, and cleaned some of the house, did the dessert etc. By the night, I was knackered. So I had to try to keep myself awake during mass, just like princess did, and almost fell asleep during sermon. Haha.

I promised princess that if she behaved herself, she'd be allowed to open one present when she got home, as she was starting to get cranky. It was much too late in the night for her to be awake, even though she did have a nap in the afternoon. However, she said she'd do it again next year. :) I believe it's the excitement of being able to stay up so late.

So when we got home, she got to open granny's present. You should have seen the grin on her face when she opened it. It was like a dream come true getting the singing Rosella doll from Barbie the Island princess, which is her current favourite.

And for us, we got a lovely crystal star from mum. Apparently they are limited editions which you collect every year. It was lovely. Thanks mummy.

It was almost 2am by the time we laid out the biscuits and milk for Santa. Hubby and I figured Santa shouldn't come earlier or we'd be up all night. Haha. As I only had one carrot which I needed for my stuffing, reindeer was given celery. ;)

Why, it looks like reindeer love celery too! And Santa must have been super hungry as he finished all the biscuits and milk. I bet it must be tiring to travel all over the world, and it's lovely to be able to fill up his tummy with yummy Christmas bakes. He only gets to do it once a year anyway. And what did Santa bring?

A stocking filled with goodies, and a scooter.

Time to open up the presents.

A pair of inline skates. Her most favourite present from mummy and daddy. She was on them from morning till night. And first thing again this morning.

Some of my presents. Hurray! Kids' bake book from sis, and Jamie's Italy from princess and daddy.

This was a lovely surprise. Thank you, 'Santa', for sending us this letter. It was very thoughtful of you. I hope you're someone who reads my blog or else I don't know how to thank you for it. Princess was delighted to receive a letter from Santa. It was a wonderful gift.

For dinner, it was basically a family affair, with mum and sis, plus a friend of hers visiting from Indonesia. And the three of us.

On the menu, we had roast turkey, mashed potatoes, grilled eggplant, cream of mushroom soup, and asparagus with smoked salmon and Parma ham. Dessert was tiramisu. It was a delightful dinner, not too filling and everyone enjoyed it. Everything was homemade except for the bread and french fries for babe. Hehe. It was all well worth my effort. :)


beachlover said...

Your homemade dinner look good...You really cook western food for Christmas.I wanna to eat&cook asian food but no choice..kudos to you:))..your daughter look tall for 6 year old.Barbie doll is everygirl favourite...Merry X Mas and Happy New year to you and family!!

singairishgirl said...

beachlover - Thanks. I have to lah... hubby's Irish so he would like the traditional turkey and spuds. I don't do Western food much, only at Christmas. Hehe.

She is very tall. If you see her, she looks to be 7-8years old. People always think she's older than she actually is, which could be good or bad. Bad mostly, as she had to start paying bus fares from a very young age. In Singapore, they charge you according to height. Sigh. And also in restaurants, kids past a certain age got to pay.

Oh yes, but as this is the latest Barbie movie, she's crazy over it.

A Happy New Year to you too.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Wow, lots of presents and lovely dinner! Maybe your hubby wants you to cook more western food with Jamie's cookbook huh? LOL!

Big Boys Oven said...

I should had invited myself to this dinner rather in jan 2008....can right, christmas 2008? Just great you did well babe!

singairishgirl said...

little corner of mine - Oh haha, way too many presents. I just cleared bags of old toys now got new ones and soon even more for birthday! Hehe, last year too I had one of Jamie's books but it's still in mint condition on the bookshelf. :P He says this one is Italian so I probably might use it more. Hahaha.

big boys oven - Hahaha, aiyoh how can I cook for two sifus. So malu, right? Hehe.

Maya said...

Oh wow! Tiramisu luks GREAT!! I luv Tiramisu so much. I wished it was a diet food! ;) Btw, Turkey's looking beautiful too :) And white dinnerware is just E best!

Ok, am curious! WHO ate E biscuits and milk?? Who played Santa? Who played Reindeer? :p

Although I don't celebrate Xmas, when I was in Pr sch, I heard abt Santa so much and I couldnt resist hanging a red sock b4 going to sleep. E next morning, nothing was there in E sock :( Btw, I used my bro's new sock and he was looking for E other pc tht went missing! hehe!

Sue Sue said...

I bet you really enjoy ur dinner. So much food and presents. Wah so nice..

Jori said...

Looks like princess had a great Christmas! I love the roller blades.
Your turkey dinner looked great - but I didn't see any cranberry sauce ;o) The wrapped asparagus was a great touch.
BTW - Jamie Oliver is one of my favourite chefs!

Cranberry said...

Wow What a spread! Everything looks great to me!

singairishgirl said...

maya - Oh hahaha, don't we all wish that. Then we can eat them every day without guilt. Thanks for your compliments. Yes, I love white dinnerware too.

Why Santa and Reindeer ate them of course.

Oh dear, poor girl. Hahaha. Poor bro with the missing sock. It's because your family doesn't celebrate Christmas so the sock wasn't filled hahaha.

sue sue - Yes, we did enjoy dinner. After all my hard work! Hehe. It wasn't really so much food just lots of work haha. Oh yes, far too many presents and more to come.

jori - We love them blades too, but guess what? They are useless. We just found that out today. There are no bearings in them so it's more for fun, doesn't do its job. Oh yes, we did have cranberry sauce, maybe didn't appear in photos. Princess used them as a dip for her french fries! So they were on her end of the table. I love the asparagus too. Oh, you like Jamie?? I love most of your Canadian chefs, such as Michael Smith, Anna Olson.

cranberry - Thanks much dear. :)