Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing day outing

Today was mostly a lazy day for us. Woke up at 9plus. Would have slept in more if the princess hadn't woken up at that time to put her skates on again.

Had a friend over who needed help with fixing her laptop. That was hubby's job, not mine. Hehe. So princess quickly claimed her victim when she came home from a spot of skating, to find Auntie Ivory in the house. She was immediately 'ordered' to play mastermind, snakes & ladders, and a game of monopoly.

So while she was occupied, I washed up in the kitchen and just basically relaxed and flipped through my new cake decoration book.

It wasn't till past 1pm did we go for lunch. Mum took us to St Mike's church where we dropped off old toys for the orphanages in the Philippines. Great that she has the car so we can run some errands. Unfortunately, fun with the car will end in 4 days' time when aunt is back from her 6mths' sabbatical in America.

To take advantage of that, we decided to go to Botak Jones in Toa Payoh as we were in that vicinity. We went round in circles looking for the place as we are not familiar with that area.

Little one isn't crazy over Western food except for chips/french fries. So luckily there was a Japanese stall in the food court and we ordered her some futomaki.

Over at Botak's, we ordered the cheesy fries ($8) which only comes in one size. We left out the spicy powder which originally came with it, all for the sake of princess. It was a humongous portion so unless you have a group of at least 6 people to share, I would advise against ordering it. I didn't think it tasted all that great. I still love the cheese sauce at KFC. The chips weren't crispy and were rather limp. Needless to say, we wasted half of it.

Mum and I both had the Botak Burger ($6.50). The beef patty comes plain with freshly sliced onions and some lettuce, on a toasted bun. The size was manageable. And you can add in extra ingredients. I had extra cheese ($1 for 2 slices) which was melted beautifully on top of the patty. Taste-wise, it's so-so. The food is very good value though. But personally I think it's overrated.

This is mum's burger with extra cheese, saute onions, and a sunny side up.

We, or rather I, had spied this little stall on the way from the car park and was really intrigued by the signboard and the stuff they sold. How cute can that be, right, the logo with the heart?

After lunch, princess ordered herself a strawberry chocolate fondue. Really nice small portion with a lovely bitter chocolate sauce all for $3.80, with a couple of pieces of Chinese New Year biscuits thrown in for sampling.


Little Corner of Mine said...

CNY cookies sample already...those are the two cookies I wanted to make again!

Big Boys Oven said...

a lovely and yet a simple meal after a hard day work in the kitchen! lol!

Armand said...

oo..we had choc fondue for christmas too! hehehe. How was the food at Botak Jones?

daphne said...

oops!! that was from Daphne not armand! ;p

singairishgirl said...

little corner of mine - Ya ya, I can't wait to make for CNY esp pineapple tarts cos princess been asking for it.

big boys oven - Oh ya, haha. But is not simple. I thought was too heavy, but mum wanted go there.

armand/daphne - Oh hehe, that's nice. Botak is overrated.

beachlover said...

what a name "Botak burger"!!..Burger also name so weird..hehehe!!no wonder your daughter look pretty and tall...rupa rupa biracial:))

Jori said...

mmm.. chocolate fondue... What a great treat!

WokandSpoon said...

Hehe - 'botak burger' - that really made me laugh! Looks like you had a good time!

singairishgirl said...

beachlover - Haha, it's named after the stall owner. The name of the stall is 'Botak Jones'. Oh tks, Mushi looks very big for a three-year-old too. What is rupa rupa mean?

jori - You bet it was. ;)

wokandspoon - Hehe, indeed is weird as the burger was nothing close to botak hahaha. But I guess it refers to the basic burger, which you can then choose to add whatever toppings you want to it.