Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Too long...

Wow, just looking at the date on my last posting... it's 18 Dec 08. Goodness, that is really a long time since I last updated. Well, a Happy New Year to you all. My apologies to those who have asked for recipes or details regarding caterers etc. I'll try to update those soon.

It was a really busy time the last 2 weeks of Dec, what with Christmas & the many play dates we had. There were two play dates at our place, with Princess' classmates from kindy, an art-themed one where the kids painted on canvases over at J's, and there was also a cookie decoration on over at a swimming class mum, M's, place. We had loads of fun. Every day was packed with activities. We wanted to spend as much time as possible with friends whom we won't get to meet so much now.

Mashed potatoes, salmon with bearnaise sauce, and baked chicken thighs.

Baby spinach & rocket salad, with persimmon, cherry tomatoes, dried blueberries & almond flakes, with a balsamic vinegar (courtesy of beau lotus) dressing.

We had a simple Christmas dinner this year, as always, with mum and sis in attendance. I didn't bake a turkey, no energy for that, but even though simple, mum still thought I put in too much effort into the prep. But really, I only started preparing for the dinner 2hrs' before it was due. The salad was easy to prepare, no cooking involved. The salmon too was quick. Only the chicken took a slightly longer time to bake. Oh yes, I did prepare an apple pie and served it with ice-cream, and the little flower biscuit hors d'oeuvres were filled with canned tuna mixed with some finely chopped onion.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Looks good to me! I didn't prepare anything...:P

SIG said...

lcom - Thanks :)