Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's her birthday!

My (not so) little one turns 7 today. Where did all the years fly to? She's really not a baby anymore. She has developed into a sweet, independent young lady, whom I can depend on to do tasks. She's always there to remind me of things that I might forget (see this mummy is getting old). She's there to take care of me when my feet hurt and she squeezes my hand tight when I am going down the stairs so I do not fall over.

I've never really had to worry about her, in terms of how she behaves or carries herself, and not that she's my precious one that's why I'm saying this, but most of her friends' mums who have watched her while I was busy, and she had to be in their care, have nothing but praise for her, that she's sensible and wise, and well-behaved. Even her teacher now says that she seemed shy the first time they met, and she can't believe that the girl is actually quite outspoken. I'm proud of her that she has shone in class and she is one of 4 'managers' picked by the teacher, well, to 'manage' the girls. Haha!

She has a love for languages and reading. For her age, I am amazed at her spelling skills, but I can't deny she's got her mummy's genes in that. I remember when I was in school, I was probably the best speller in class. I'm sure my classmates can attest to that. I used to be their 'dictionary' when they needed help in spelling a word. And I have absolutely no regrets in sending her to her previous kindy, where I feel had helped her develop her strong foundation in her mother tongue. I must remember, though, to speak more Mandarin to her. I find myself slackening in that department lately, since she started going to P1. Maybe it's just me psychologically, (or most convent girls can tell you that), it is uncool to speak Mandarin. Haha.

She loves art and craft and you can find her doodling every day without fail. I encourage her to draw a lot. And her drawings are really great too.

I know that even though she doesn't call me at recess, she actually misses me a lot in the time we are apart, for in the last couple of days, her actions really speak louder than her words. She's more lovey, always wanting to hold hands and even last night when she was going to sleep, she lay her head on my arm and asked if I was sick (I don't allow her to come near me when I am ill).
I said I wasn't, and she planted a big kiss on my lips. How sweet and touching is that.

However, I need to learn to let go now, not by choice, but really, I can't, anymore, be a part of her school life, can't peek through the viewing room (unlike in her kindy) where I could watch her in class, interacting with her classmates and teachers. It's a part of her growing up, that unfortunately, I won't be able to witness. I wish I could be a fly on the wall and follow her around in class, not to keep an eye on her, but rather to not be shut out from that world of hers.

I'm really proud of my little lady and of all the things that she has achieved to date, and I wish her all the best in life, and may she continue to blossom beautifully.

Happy birthday my dearest darling. Have a wonderful day, and remember that mummy loves you always. May God bless you and may your guardian angel watch over you in all that you do.

A very happy birthday to princess' godma too. Have a blast, KY, and cheers to many more years of wonderful friendship. I'm glad that you are in my life, through all the ups and downs, and I love you!


sohcool said...

Oh, this entry is so sweet. I guess preggie gets emotional easily. I wish your little lady happiness in whatever she does.

tina said...

oo... sorry I am a day late, but please give a big hug and a big kiss to princess for me. Muah2. She is indeed a beautiful girl. And treasure the moments you have with her because they grow up ever so quickly.

SIG said...

Hey ladies, thanks much for the birthday wishes. I'll be sure to pass on the message.

Miz Young said...

I can almost see your bursting with pride!! hehehee

She's such a good girl and it's all due to her upbringing, seriously! you've done a great job with her (job not over yet, still got plenty more years to come lol) and she's a wise little soul. Thank you for sharing her with me *wink.... my best birthday present ever!!

I love you too, sweetie!