Monday, January 12, 2009

Lor Mee + Bento #5

For today's lunch, I had the famous Old Airport Road lor mee. It's been a long time since I last had it, and you can be sure to witness a snaking queue on weekends, which is when I never eat it. Honestly speaking, I don't find it that great. What is the fuss all about I wonder?? Well, the people tending the stall are polite enough, considering the roaring trade that they are doing. You know how it is with some hawkers who tend to become proud once they become famous. My favourite lor mee is from the old Tiong Bahru market, but since they closed down the old market before the renovation, I've not tasted it. I've heard that they've moved to Bishan, but frankly Bishan is rather far for me to travel to, just for a bowl of lor mee, so this will have to do for now. I find it rather plain, with just fish flakes, pork slices (which I ask them to leave out as I do not like streaky fatty pork), and a ngoh hiang.

I've blogged about this sandwich cutter before, but just to show S what it looks like. It consists of an elephant, car, dog and a fish.

Made a simple ham & cheese sandwich, with grapes and a little kinder chocolate, a Christmas gift from one of her kindy teachers (which I thought she had forgotten about, but was reminded of, when she went to the supermarket in the morning).


designer said...

Hello from Kembangan :)

btw where did u get those cute sandwich cutter? ^_^

SIG said...

designer - Hi, thanks for stopping by. I got it from Isetan Parkway, but they don't have them anymore. You might like to try at another Isetan outlet.

Little Corner of Mine said...

This dark lor mee was the one I wanted to eat when I was back last year but didn't get to! *cry*