Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bento #14

How has the Chinese New Year been for you so far? It's back to school today and all the celebration suddenly came to a standstill for us. But I spied lots of people still in their CNY best and out celebrating. We welcomed 2 lovely visitors all the way from the other end of Singapore to our home this morning. I packed princess' bento before we left for ballet, as well as cooked some rice. The minute I was home, I quickly whipped up some fried rice while the seaweed chicken was baking in the oven and had lunch ready for the kids within half an hour. It was great to see KY before she leaves on her trip tomorrow. Thanks for travelling all that way and love the box which the oranges came in. Of course, have already said that to you a couple of times. ;) I really wish she'd move nearer to us soon so we can spend lazy afternoons together. :)


Miz Young said...

heheh didn't realise that the journey wasn't that long but transport cost is another issue hehehehe...

I really wanted to see Princess before we left. Al chose the CNY box for u so he's happy that you like it!

See you when I get back, k?

SIG said...

Yes, yes, we'll go and bai nian then! Ha ha, ya so you know how much my transport costs everytime I go to 'JB'?? ;P